7 makeup tricks: how to look younger

Every woman every day puts a lot of effort to keep youth and beauty, and even look younger. There are little tricks that will help you lose a few years, and sometimes a dozen at once.


Make sure that your hair was not shorter than the chin but no longer than the shoulders. In addition, the hair on top will also help to lose a couple of years.


Wrong color of lipstick can age you. Therefore, avoid lipsticks with brown tones. Also, stay away from matte lipsticks – they’re seared into wrinkles on the lips. Instead, choose a lipstick or gloss with a creamy texture. By the way, the last visually increase lips and make you younger.


Let your eyes be bright! Curled eyelashes will help as well – they immediately draw the eye to the eyes. And don’t be afraid to draw eyes with a pencil or eyeliner they will look bigger.


Do not be too zealous with the plucking of the eyebrows. If you are over 30, this time should pay attention, because at this age, eyebrows have been growing so fast.

Shadow and blush

Prefer shadows and blush with a creamy texture. Because compact makeup immediately settles into the wrinkles. But creamy blush and eyeshadow only enliven your skin.


Try to whiten your teeth. Indeed, over time, teeth turn yellow and fade from the use of tea, coffee and wine. Therefore, you should visit the dentist.


Nothing ages as fast as a sleepless night: the skin looks dull and sluggish, under – eye dark circles and the appearance leaves much to be desired. That’s why do not forget about proper sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

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