9 spring exacerbations: how not to get sick in the transition period?

Many residents of Ukraine with the first glimpse of the sun joyfully welcomed the long-awaited spring. And only doctors, looking at the melted snow and zero temperature of the air outside the window, sighed sadly – waiting for the flood of patients. After all, every practitioner knows that in the period of nature awakening he will have longer to stay at work and visit many patients at home.

Is it possible to protect yourself and your family from the spring of exacerbations? Today we will answer this pressing question, reveal causes of exacerbations, select a range of spring diseases and will discuss how not to get sick in the spring.

The main causes of spring ailments exacerbations

Doctors and sociologists on the basis of various studies has identified internal and external factors for the decrease of human immunity in the spring.

The vagaries of the weather. A sharp warming and cooling, typical for early spring, entails a change of wardrobe: we are removing warm clothes and hats and… sick. Because of the strong wind, sudden rain, dampness are ideal conditions for hypothermia and colds, flu complications in the nasopharynx, bronchi, lungs and ears.

Fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. The barometric pressure affect the health of people with meteosensitivity. In the case of sharp fluctuations, they feel headache and jumps in blood pressure.

The lack of sunlight. In the cold time of year, according to the laws of nature, deprived of sunlight and so, our organism lacks vitamin D, which primarily affects the skin and musculoskeletal system. That is why in winter, many suffer from dry skin and joint pain, spine – these problems in the absence of pathologies and with the sun pass.

Biorhythms. Numerous studies have shown that in early spring, the metabolism in human body slows down – hence not only digestive problems, but the lack of energy for mental and physical activity fatigue, drowsiness, apathy, irritability, vulnerability to diseases. For recovery and adaptation to changes in climatic conditions, our body needs time – approximately 2 to 4 weeks (during this period, we physically and mentally will be able to adjust to movement in nature).

Lack of exercise. In the cold and golomedova usually trying to move less in order, firstly, not to waste energy, and secondly, to avoid injuries. However, sports and fitness, health should be all year round, especially now that this created the most comfortable conditions. If the long winter did you overcome laziness and self-pity, it is likely that with the advent of energetic spring you will be more difficult to adapt to its rhythm. Lack of moderate physical activity leads to overweight, weakness of the muscles and joints, as well as protective functions of the organism.

Beriberi. In the winter we virtually have no fresh vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the majority of the population has a slow metabolism, weak immune system and braking operation, all organs and systems, which is manifested by sleepiness, weakness, low stress tolerance.

These realities of our life create ideal conditions for a successful attack the weakened body.

Diseases that worsen in the spring

Medical experts have compiled a list of diseases, increased which is observed in the spring.

Chronic diseases of the respiratory system. Rarely who manages to avoid the flu and acute respiratory viral infections. Because most of us from the first warm days putting off the upper clothes, hats and shoes until next year. Drafts and wet feet provoke hypothermia and recurrent sinusitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, otitis, etc. In order to avoid complications, experts recommend, first, do not rush to try on your spring wardrobe, and secondly, to observe the rules of hygiene (wash hands, ventilate the room), third, to treat the disease at its beginning, i.e. from the cold (rinsing, drying), and fourth, to use products-antibiotics(onion, garlic, ginger, lemon, cranberry). These simple activities will help to neutralize disease-causing microbes in the body and in the environment.

The herpes simplex virus. About the beginning of the attack your body of pathogenic viruses and bacteria is signaled by a painful rash in the form of bubbles on the skin and mucous membranes. The appearance of cold sores that occurs mostly after exposure, indicates a weakened immune system, lack of sleep, sunlight, fresh air and poor diet. In this case, you should immediately take advantage of the effective and affordable antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ointments, enrich your diet with fresh vitamins, limit yourself to sweets and alcoholic beverages, to devote more time for sleep and walks in the fresh air.

Cystitis. Is the girl in the cold weather to go out in a cocktail dress or mini-skirt and cystitis already there. Because this insidious disease loves a sexy lady, who, after paying health care are not in season. Hypothermia and drafts affect not only the nose and ears, and organs of the urogenital system. Cystitis and inflammation of the appendages – the most common diseases of the beautiful half of humanity at the time of the awakening of nature. If you felt a sharp pain in the abdomen, trouble frequent urination (almost every 10 minutes) and increased body temperature, immediately consult a doctor (gynecologist, urologist, nephrologist). Because cystitis will deprive you of sleep, will not allow to go to work and even do household chores, and rapid spread through the urine of pathogens can cause inflammation of the kidneys. Such trouble is not called for you need warm clothes and shoes and to drink more fluids (including diuretic herbs and juices).

Gastritis and stomach ulcers. The aggravation is observed in people with such diseases in the chronic form, in most cases at the beginning of April – when the body and, above all, the metabolism readjust to new environments. Patients complain of unbearable pain in the night and in the morning (“hungry” pain), constant nausea, irregular bowel movement, bad breath. Despite the lack of appetite in such a situation, in order to avoid complications (such as perforation of ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding) it is necessary to organize the fractional 5 meals a day with the exception of fried foods, hot spices, salt, sauces, alcohol, and carbonated beverages.

Diseases of joints and spine. Damp, sleet, hypothermia, wet feet and prolonged lack of exercise weaken the musculoskeletal system, making it powerless in the face of inflammation. Therefore, wrong and a sedentary life, passive leisure and fashion not for the weather will allow you to remember the pain of sciatica, arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, and other diseases. Advice from doctors is simple: morning exercises and evening walks in the fresh air, warm comfortable shoes and good hygiene of the feet, as well as food, enriched with minerals: calcium, phosphorus (fish, seafood, dairy products).

Hypertension. Blood pressure readings are directly dependent on the atmospheric pressure. Therefore, in the transition period is extremely important to monitor blood pressure, especially people suffering from hypertension with the help of tonometer. In addition, you should spend more time in the fresh air, not to overwork himself either physically or mentally, or psychologically, and to limit salt intake.

Allergy. According to the conclusions of scientists, an allergic reaction in the human body can cause about 100 flowering plants, including oak, maple, ash, hazel, birch. To investigate the source of the problem, you should take a blood test for allergens, and seek the help of a specialist (allergist). Among the practical tips for fighting spring allergies, it is advisable to apply the following: daily wet cleaning at home and at work, ventilation, when there is no wind, and when it is possible to livesite wet sheets or gauze mesh.

Rash. In addition to herpes, in the spring of your beauty can ruin the pimples. Acne usually drop in April as a response to seasonal changes in the body: sebaceous glands to adapt to new climatic conditions demonstrate low performance. Since the skin shows the problem of the internal environment of the organism, and curing it needs from the inside – using fresh and healthy vitamins.

Depression. Why a significant part of the population in a period of General awakening and love is depressed – still remains a mystery medicine. Some experts say that all because of hormonal changes, biorhythms change and light conditions and total lack of energy after a lazy and cold of winter, when nothing want. In such moments you need to forget about all restrictions and devote time to yourself, or rather, what brings you pleasure – relax with tea, chocolate and a romantic melodrama, meeting with friends, a stroll with Pets, shopping, theatre, traveling, etc.

Using these simple tips and taking restorative herbal remedies, you can be assured of reliable protection against any relapses!