Tuberculosis: why risk getting everyone has

Tuberculosis has long ceased to be a disease of disadvantaged people – homeless people or drug addicts. Ukraine announced about the epidemic of tuberculosis since 1995 and still say that threats to our health does not exist, physicians can’t. Every year, March 24 in the world is the world day against tuberculosis. Physicians, volunteers and community organizations attract the attention of the population in order to raise awareness about how TB is devastating.

Why do some get sick with TB, and others not

Tuberculosis causes the tubercle Bacillus (Mycobacterium tuberculosis), discovered in 1882 by Robert Koch, who received for this discovery the Nobel prize. To be infected with TB can be airborne: spread of bacteria from an infected person to a healthy person through coughing, sneezing, direct contact (through mucous membranes). It is also possible penetration into the body of the bacteria with food, and infection of the fetus from the mother during pregnancy is fetal.

More than 90% of cases TB affects the lungs, may also be affected other internal organs – kidney, eyes, etc. According to the WHO (world organization of health protection) about a quarter of the population are carriers of latent tuberculosis. That is, the person is infected with tubercle Bacillus, but is not dangerous to others and does not hurt himself. But he will be under certain conditions:

  • Stressful lifestyle
  • Irrational and malnutrition, poor living conditions
  • Existing chronic diseases,
  • that is, under any condition when the body’s defenses are reduced and the immune system is unable to cope.

How does tuberculosis: disease symptoms

Early in the disease tuberculosis can be confused with the flu or SARS. The person feels weakness, fatigue, in the evening can chill, and at night there is excessive sweating. Initially, the body temperature up to 37, 2 to 38 ° C, and kept in the course of a month, there is a dry cough. Tuberculosis man looks quite pale, with progression of the disease the cough is dry becomes wet, begins to separate sputum.

If tuberculosis is not timely diagnosed and not treated, in the lung in a cavity (cavity), the disease becomes visible and the person can infect others. Therefore, any cough that lasts more than 3 weeks requires for seeking treatment and examination. Diagnose tuberculosis with fluoroscopy of the lungs (or CT). For analysis take a sputum specimen to confirm or exclude the presence of the causative agent.

Treatment and prevention of tuberculosis

Yourself to cure TB is impossible. An especially dangerous form of TB, resistant to therapy: this type of disease requires a specific medication. The diagnosis of tuberculosis at an early stage can cure the disease stationary for a period of approximately 3 months, the rest of the time the treatment is on an outpatient basis, a person comes to the clinic for the procedure. Treatment deals doctor-the phthisiatrician. Than the neglect of tuberculosis, the longer you will have to be treated in hospital and longer recovery period.

In connection with the tuberculosis epidemic in Ukraine is mandatory vaccination against tuberculosis (BCG), which was first held newborn 3-4 days after birth. Then children to diagnose tuberculosis a Mantoux test carried out. As 15 years – chest x-rays of the lungs every year.
It is important to take care of your health, lifestyle, eat a healthy diet to strengthen the immune system, exercise and find healthy methods of stress – travelling, walking, swimming pool, massage, yoga, etc.