Alcohol “withdrawal” or withdrawal syndrome: what to do?

Withdrawal syndrome this is a condition resulting from the cancellation of the consumption of alcohol in addicted to alcohol. If the person whose organism are already accustomed to regular doses of alcohol abruptly ceases to use it, then it can develop a condition similar to a severe hangover. In common the reaction of an alcoholic abstinence is called “brittle”. Yeah, yeah – how rude and sad it may sound, if someone is abstinence (Latin – abstinence), he is suffering from alcoholism.

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome: causes and symptoms

When withdrawal syndrome in alcoholics manifest a group of symptoms of varying severity: such a condition comes from the alcohol dependent person’s abstinence from alcohol at lower doses of alcohol consumed, or after a long binge. In the latter case, alcoholic “breaking” occurs especially hard. If the person is not suffering from alcohol dependence, overdose of alcohol it hurts a hangover: nausea, vomiting, headaches, tremors in the hands and feet that take place during the day.

The alcoholic withdrawal syndrome is also seen, but this condition lasts from one day to 5-7 days. Like drinking, like rarely drinking man is the deterioration of the condition is caused by the accumulation of toxins and products of disintegration of alcohol in the blood. A non-drinking hangover is a sign that the body tries to cope with alcohol poisoning. The alcoholic is “breaking” caused by prolonged intake of alcohol, which led to the disruption of the heart, brain, liver, pancreas, etc.

How dangerous is alcoholic withdrawal syndrome

Especially hard alcohol “withdrawal” occurs after a long binge. In such cases, the patient with alcoholism person may experience seizures, involuntary urination, a fever, frequent pulse and breathing, “jumps” pressure. In addition to physical problems, an alcoholic pronounced mental and psychological:

  • the fits of anguish and self-reproach for their actions
  • panic attack
  • anxiety, apathy, depression
  • disorder of the thinking process.

In this state, the alcoholic can commit suicide, to make and lay the valuable things from the house to buy alcohol, to commit a crime, etc. Sometimes the development of withdrawal syndrome on the contrary is accompanied by the development of aversion to alcohol. In such cases, the alcoholic is often develop seizures, problems with muscle tone and other neurological problems.

What to do when alcoholic breaking: can you handle yourself?

To stop and alleviate withdrawal symptoms can only be a doctor-psychiatrist. Trying to help alcoholics to a man alone at home, you may not notice it of developing serious complications. Besides the relatives of the alcoholic is difficult to control his behavior and condition, particularly to avoid taking alcohol. And to get rid of alcoholism is possible only with a complete cessation of drinking.

Besides deliverance from alcoholism and withdrawal from alcohol withdrawal symptoms require the presence of specialized clinics and observing patients for alcohol special nurses. If alcohol withdrawal syndrome is treated correctly, then in the absence of alcohol degradation pretty quickly able to improve memory, reduce craving for alcohol, etc. Drug experts say that in any case the treatment of alcoholism should be conducted by a specialist otherwise the alcoholic will continue to drink alcohol, and withdrawal symptoms will arise again and again.