Alcoholic beverages: the impact on human health

Soft drinks are very popular today, especially among young people. In addition, they are not perceived by society as something serious, you should pay attention. But this is wrong, because they bring significant harm to the body, especially in adolescence. No wonder in several European countries to gradually prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages and energy drinks. Why are they so harmful?

The consequences of the use of alcoholic beverages?

First of all, the systematic use of alcoholic beverages provokes the appearance of extra pounds. From one of the banks of such a beverage person gets a daily dose of calories. In addition, the “slaboalkogolnye” contains very much sugar. Added to this is that in the assimilation of the calories that are in these drinks, the body does not spend enough energy, because they are in liquid, not solid get in the gastrointestinal tract. So if you prefer low-alcohol drinks, prepare for the appearance of excess weight.

When drinking canned cocktail, she often forgets about the fact that it contains alcohol. Because the drink has a pleasant taste, the aroma, it relaxes, however, the feeling of intoxication will come after drinking a few cans. “Slaboalkogolnye” usually contains a very large dose of caffeine, which is equivalent to drinking 3-4 cups of coffee. The result is an enormous burden on the heart, which is especially dangerous in adolescence.

Alcoholic beverages are dangerous, and through its chemical composition. In addition to the ethanol they still have sugar, preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers, flavors, natural gas, which enhances the absorption of all this body. The result of this explosive mixture is very difficult processed. The use of alcoholic drink has twice the health of the brain is affected by alcohol, and the pancreas sugar which in large quantities contained in each jar.

Drug experts say that now more and more are patients who suffer from “cupping alcoholism.” Sustained dependence on alcoholic beverages created in a human for 3-5 years, then there is not only alcohol with all its negative consequences, but also to develop heart disease, liver, kidney.

The situation worsens by the fact that when a person drinks this drink, she usually won’t eat. And, however low the percentage of alcohol in cocktails has virtually the same effect on the body, as high as the absorption of alcohol into the blood occurs in the case of “slaboalkogol” much faster.

Impossible not specifically touch upon the subject of preservatives, which are very much in Bankova cocktails. They are dangerous and without alcohol, and in conjunction with it are enormous harm to human health. Threat “E” can lead to cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and provoke genetic changes and the like. For example, sodium benzoate E211, which is part of most alcoholic beverages are prohibited for use in many European countries.

Therefore, the systematic use of alcoholic beverages leads to overweight and obesity, development of alcohol dependence and heavy, dangerous diseases. They are especially dangerous for teenagers, but an adult should think twice before drinking such a harmful product.