Allergic to pine: to recognize and warn

In the period of new year and Christmas holidays, many families temporarily installed at home, the symbol of winter holidays – the Christmas tree. And we must understand that the vast majority of these “trees” is the common pine, the preference due to the fact that it is less flaking and longer necessary. Usually the smell of the coniferous tree like people is useful for them, but there are cases where a pine tree in the house brings only harm. We are talking about an allergic reaction to pine. How to recognize it and to avoid?

Why is allergic to pine?

More likely allergic to pine may occur in spring, during the flowering period, because of acute reactions caused by pollen. However, in winter, pine trees can be trouble. And all because of the fact that it includes many essential oils that give the tree an odor. These essential oils are very concentrated, they are contained in the cortex and is able to stand out from it at any time of the year. On them, some people have an allergic reaction. In this case, for allergies is a threat not only wood, but also furniture that are made of it.

Allergy symptoms on pine

Allergy symptoms on pine are not very specific, they merely indicate that the body reacts to a certain allergen. These symptoms include:

  • itching of the skin;
  • watery eyes;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • cough;
  • sneezing;
  • skin rashes;
  • shortness of breath;
  • redness of the eyes.

How to identify allergic to pine?

First you have to analyze in what period of the year have symptoms of allergies, and that could be an allergen? If you become ill during a stay in the coniferous forest, annually, after the establishment of pine in the house, so it can be in this tree.

To identify allergies helps a special blood test to identify antibodies that are produced if you are allergic to pine.

One of the most effective methods of diagnosis of Allergy – tests on the skin. Skin is covered with pine pollen dissolved in a special liquid. After this, the injection of the sample see: if it was red or there is swelling, then the Allergy is.

How to fight allergies on pine?

Usually, if the Allergy symptoms have already appeared, the treatment is symptomatic. To block histamine, which is produced by ingestion of the irritant in the blood, are appointed by antihistamines. Also there are medications that help relieve stuffy nose, watery eyes, eliminate skin itching and irritation.

A prerequisite for efficient treatment is to completely eliminate contact with the allergen, or the Allergy symptoms will manifest themselves again and, moreover, to become stronger.

If you know that you have any allergies to the pine, and to avoid contact with it impossible, the doctors propose specific immunotherapy. For example, your house is near the pine forest and move you can not. In the course of immunotherapy introduced into the body in an allergen over several months, and sometimes years. Thus, each time the dose is increased. As a result, the body gets used to the allergen and produces in him an acute immune response. Thus, in a few years man completely ceases to respond to a stimulus. This treatment is long and expensive, but effective.

As for allergies on pine, which is set in the house once a year during the winter holidays, it is easy to avoid. Just replace it with an artificial tree, and the problem will disappear by itself. Important – observe yourself and analyze the reaction of the organism to timely identify and prevent problems.