Allergy treatment without medication: is it possible?

Today Allergy is a hypersensitivity to different substances – allergens. Its various manifestations, the most frequent allergic dermatitis (hives), respiratory allergies (respiratory), allergic enteropathy (bowel disease) and anaphylactic shock. In severe cases, allergies can be deadly. Launched an Allergy – the right way to bronchial asthma. Therefore, any allergic reactions require treatment. Modern dermatology offers a lot of methods of treatment of allergic reactions, including and bestmedication.

How to find out what you are allergic

To identify what allergies the patient has, the doctor does a patch test: the allergen is in the form of extract, or ointment applied to the skin and make internal skin prick (prick test) or scarification (scratch on the skin) . Usually the Allergy is manifested in 5-20 minutes as a local response, in other cases, allergies can occur in 24-48 hours. Sometimes the allergen is detected the first time, but usually have to do several tests on various substances. Having found the item, which is an Allergy, the doctor prescribes treatment. The first thing he does, as you might imagine – it is strongly advised to get rid of the allergen or reduce contacts with him to a minimum.

The method of treatment Allergy medication

If seasonal allergies in most cases, to determine the allergen can quickly, allergic to many other household items, dust, fungi, etc. requires not only a comprehensive diagnosis, but also the detoxification of the organs and systems that suffer from the negative effects of allergens. Often the immune system’s response to allergens (rash and itching on the skin, runny nose,watery eyes, etc.) arise from the appearance of fungi, bacteria, helminths, which act as the source of infection and toxic substances in the body. Some people have an allergic reaction causing food, even worse for those who are allergic to medicines is how to treat a person with medications like this?

For this there are comprehensive treatment programs which allow not only to determine the factors of allergies, but also to clear the organism from their destructive action. First, we must start with consultations with a number of specialists: a therapist, a doctor of functional diagnostics, ozonoterapia, pediatrician, doctor of alternative medicine, pornoterapia. You must also pass the examination: ultrasound of abdominal organs and kidneys, ECG, General and biochemical blood analysis, urine analysis, blood sugar, etc.). The modern method of diagnosing allergies is a special expert method of spectral analysis that reveals the presence of more than 250 species of parasites, fungi, viruses, bacteria; identifying the food, household, infectious allergens; and to pick up necessary food; there are no vitamins and minerals.

It is important to follow all doctor’s recommendations in combating allergies

In the treatment of allergic reactions is of great importance nutrition: mandatory basikova diet, intake of herbal teas that have anti-inflammatory, diuretic, protivogemorroidalnyj and laxative effect that helps to cleanse the liver and the whole organism. Also used orthograde washing of the entire digestive canal “mountain crystal” that allows you to restore the processes of absorption in the small intestinal tract. The uniqueness of this procedure is that in a short time you can clear a 200 m2 area of the villi of the small intestine.

Effectively helps medical gymnastics, massage and back and shoulder massage, ozone therapy – a new non-drug treatment of allergies, which leads to improvement of microcirculation, activation of the immune system, improving the supply of oxygen to tissues and blood purification. To choose a clinic for treatment of allergies will help the public register of medical institutions of Ukraine: if to choose the clinic difficult, You can seek free help from our experts.