Dietology and nutrition

As a budget to diversify food in early spring

Reduced vitamin reserves in the body affects our well-being. To recover from winter colds and complete the work the body needs various nutrients, most of which we receive with food. However, Apple, assembled in a season and had lain all winter in the repository have different amount of nutrients. Seasonal spring fruits and vegetables is still far, plus the spring this year was late. Therefore, the time to listen to the advice of nutritionists and choose the products available that will help to make our diet more varied and healthier.

Less fat – more fresh

In the winter we eat more “heavy” foods: fatty meats, smoked products, pickles. Besides the new year holidays, which are rich in winter, are not without mayonnaise, ketchup, alcohol, etc. Nutritionists advise you to begin gradually replace fatty meals in the diet to a lighter, and eat more plant foods. While we wait for seasonal fruits and vegetables, do not forget to include in your diet citrus – online shopping for lemons, oranges and grapefruits are often discounts. Also note the cranberries – this winter berry is now more accessible and rich in many useful minerals.

Lettuce or cabbage in the same supermarkets are also available in most price categories. And to complement the salad of them green onions, sprouted out of the ordinary onion bulbs in a jar on the windowsill. Emerging from winter carrots, beets, celery and parsley also not be discounted. Let the concentration of nutrients is smaller than in the time of harvest, but the herbal dietary fiber helps you to improve the work of the organs of digestion and purify the intestine.

“No” – the sausage and flour, “Yes” – fish and grain

In addition to vitamins and minerals, our body also needs proteins, amino acids, complex carbohydrates, etc. So it’s time to replace the sausages (which, incidentally, the world health organization recognized carcinogens), fish, lean chicken breast, veal or Turkey. After all, sausage and hot dogs at prices not lower than chicken or frozen hake. And benefit from the latest lot more. If you like sandwiches, oven baked chicken or Turkey fillet can be cut into thin slices, like a sausage and make a sandwich not with the white loaf, and rye bread, or diet bread.

Also don’t overlook legumes (especially beans), cereals – oats, buckwheat, bulgur. It is better to take 100 grams of these cereals in bulk and cook with aromatic and rich in vitamins spices – turmeric, paprika, than to buy a wholesale batch of pasta and eat them. Also this magic wand will be a frozen vegetable mix of green beans, corn, tomatoes, onions, carrots and other vegetables, “full of” any supermarket. And the price for the package is 400 grams in the range of 15-20 UAH.

Recipes spring food: simple and delicious

Very fast and convenient to cook the vegetables and the meat in the oven. For example, cut long slices of chicken breast, potatoes, carrots, onions, celery. Or protogenoi in a deep pan, diced Turkey breast, in which for 5 minutes or until tender added frozen vegetables. To make a rice or wheat porridge more tasty and healthy will help spices. Also easy and quick to bake in foil in the oven the fish.

Entrees, too, can vary: boil the broth with root vegetables – celery, parsley root, – you can find them in supermarkets. A portion of chicken broth with celery will be even healthier and tastier if you add green onion and boiled egg, cut into rings, flax seeds or sesame seeds. Don’t forget about the juices that you can squeeze out of the orange and grapefruit, beets, carrots, cranberry juice, compote of dried fruit and herbal teas.