Attack with dystonia: how to help himself

Sudden weather changes and summer heat affect the autonomic nervous system. In healthy people, the body adapts to rapid change in the weather or climate more smoothly and quietly than “distonia”. In General, vegetative-vascular dystonia (VSD) disease, as such, does not believe that this syndrome is classified as autonomic dysfunction of the cardiovascular system. We get a strange situation: the disease itself is not, and hundreds of thousands of people periodically suffer from bouts of dizziness, a sharp pressure spikes, covered with sticky sweat?

What is psycho-vegetative syndrome and what causes this disorder

VSD also has several medical terms: psychovegetative syndrome, vegetative dysfunction syndrome, vegetarian etc. Under the dystonia refers to the violation of vascular tone and the development of this syndrome affected by problems in the interaction of the nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems. In the end, a sharp change in the weather, being in a stuffy room, heat and even harsh sounds such a person can cause an attack – diencephalic crisis.

Anyone who has ever experienced such an attack, will remember it for a lifetime. First, there is headache and dizziness, ringing in ears, severe weakness, hands and feet numb, there is a feeling of tingling on the skin. Then there are sharp drops in blood pressure, people gasping and covered with cold sweat: the longer the attack, the stronger the panic attack. Diencephalic crisis can last from 5 minutes to several hours, so it is very important to calm a person, give him a sedative. But when a serious condition to call an ambulance.

How to live with VSD and be able to withstand the attacks

The most worried people with VSD can bring themselves “to handle”, especially if the seizures become frequent. This leads to the development of panic attacks, problems with the digestive system, etc. of Course, if you started such attacks need to be carefully investigated: initially, you can access terapevta or neurologist. The doctor will recommend an ultrasound, an electrocardiogram and several other tests to rule out hypertension or other heart disease, blood vessels, endocrine pathology or psychological problems. But in most cases when vegetative syndrome does not find any abnormalities with his health.

Therefore, the main task of “distonia” is to learn to control himself and to cope with the attacks. In many cases, the more assistance the person will have a psychological support. At the first symptoms of the approaching diencephalic crisis, doctors advise:

  • switch. Turn up the music, take a book, ensure the air circulation – open the Windows or turn on air conditioning, fan.
  • need to lie down so that his legs were above his head – so it’s easier to provide access of blood to the brain. Always have on hand a mild sedative, sedation fees, etc.
  • in General, one should consult not only with the neurologist, internist, and psychologist – perhaps a well-chosen herbal remedies and vitamin complexes, physical activity, etc. will reduce the frequency of seizures to a minimum.

How to help the body and to not be dependent on VVD

The frequency of attacks depends not only on the “weakness” of the vessels: the doctors came to the conclusion that the cause diencephalic crisis can stress, excessive fatigue, alcohol and nicotine, coffee in large quantities, rigid diet and excessive exercise. The attacks in the IRR do not pose serious threats to the body, therefore, doctors advise not to take the position of “the most patient man in the world”, and to help yourself to overcome this condition:

  • train the vessel, tempers take a contrast shower. Recommended with VSD – swimming, running, Cycling, martial arts, yoga
  • make regular massage, acupuncture is also useful
  • a full night’s sleep and do not overload nervous system
  • visit the chiropractor if you have problems with the spine: low back pain contributes to a more severe manifestation of ESP.