Blood, acid and fat – for skin rejuvenation of the hands

The woman’s hands can tell more about her than she would like: occupation, lifestyle, and age. The health of the skin of the hands sometimes unfair pay little time, and because it is exposed to aggressive effects of the environment more than others. However, modern beauty recipes allow you to conceal the obvious from prying eyes. With proper care, your skin, like the skin of the face or décolleté can look young and healthy.

That hurts the skin?

The skin tender and thin. There are so many sebaceous glands that create a protective film and maintain the necessary humidity. And with increased dryness of the hands peel, blushing, cracking, wrinkling.

The biggest enemy of youthful skin of your hands is the sun. Fashionable the sun accompanies sun “bump” on the skin. Excessive portion of the ultraviolet light destroys collagen and the skin loses its elasticity and firmness. The sun creates ideal conditions for the formation of free radicals, which “draw” the web of wrinkles on your skin and contribute to blemishes on its surface.

Frost is also a real test for hands. Under the action of low temperatures, the capillaries are compressed, disturbed circulation and nutrition of tissues in the wrist.

Hands all time best, they have to contact with harmful household compounds: dishwashing liquid and washing powders which destroy the water-lipid balance of the skin and dehydrate it. Closer to menopause in a woman’s body decreases estrogen levels and biological aging rolls like an avalanche. The skin loses its normal moisture level, still body fat, muscles lose their tone.

Famous pop star Madonna has perfected your figure, promotes youthful skin on the face and décolleté. And only his hands eloquently reminiscent of the age. So as not to scare the fans, in public she usually appears with gloves on. Women, however, faced with the same problems, did not want to follow the example of the pop star. And services market reacted to the demand: the number of rejuvenating treatments for hands is growing every year.

“Madonna gloves” is an unofficial name given to the whole direction in modern cosmetology. As you can guess, we are talking about all possible methods to bring back the skin smoothness and an even tone. Not to have, as our favorite Madonna, hide faded brushes from prying eyes.

“MOE” hand skin

In the arsenal of modern beauty salons several dozen procedures and manipulations, able to return to your previous form handles. Tell you about the most popular and effective. 

Plazmolifting – a rejuvenation of his own blood, an innovative procedure that allows the surgeon without a scalpel, you can remove the skin aging. To carry out such lifting uses plasma with a high concentration of platelets obtained from blood of a patient. The prepared liquid is injected into the problem areas of the skin of hands using a special apparatus.

Platelet plasma creates a miracle. Cells were updated, begin to produce hyaluronic acid and collagen. Skin “works” with a new force, a few years ago: the outlines of the hands become soft and smooth, under the action of a miraculous elixir wrinkles are smoothed out, fade scars, stretch marks. The technique is absolutely safe, does not cause allergic reactions and other side effects. The procedure provides instant and long-term results, lift lasts about a year. 

Lipofilling – “saloterapiya”. Lipofilling helps hide protruding veins on the back of his hand. For correction using the patient’s own fat.

First, under local anesthesia, he “extracted” through punctures in the hips and abdomen. Adipose tissue is treated in a centrifuge and microdozes injected into the skin. Fat is to resolve the property, so the procedure must be repeated after a year to consolidate the “smooth” effect. 

Biorevitalization – beauty of acid. This is a course of injections of hyaluronic acid in the dermis surface. Magic acid capable of holding up to 1000 water molecules, it regulates the synthesis of collagen and skin provides a reserve of elasticity and firmness. Hyaluronic acid in the eyes restores moisture balance of the skin, the effect is noticeable after the first procedure.

Hyaluronic acid – is not alien to the human body fluid, he himself produces it under a certain age. Due to such a “grafting” body triggers natural mechanisms and the cells begin to actively produce collagen and hyaluronic acid own. Furthermore, this acid has a marked antioxidant and regenerating properties, and creates a unique bio-stimulating lifting effect. Hand skin after biorevitalisation finds a new youth. The course must be repeated 1 time per year.  

Mesotherapy– vitamins microdozes. This method of rejuvenation with the help of shallow injections. The skin brush administered cocktails of vitamins, extracts of medicinal, homeopathic medications, nutrients in microdoses. Local blood circulation increases, metabolism animated and begins cell renewal. Mesotherapy hands back the skin its lost freshness and elasticity. Repeated course is prescribed 6-18 months. 

chemical peeling– Update burn. Popular procedure for the skin rejuvenation. The method – a chemical burn of the upper layer of the skin glycolic, lactic, salicylic, tartaric acid or retinoids. Painful procedure: acid burns. A few days after a chemical peel hands look like after the burn, and then about a month the skin peels off. As a result, the upper layer of the epidermis is updated, collagen synthesis is improved water-lipid balance of the skin is reduced. 

Chemical peeling removes pigmentation and wrinkles, smoothes the skin, improves its color. The effect of this procedure, long-running, most importantly – peeling is not addictive. 

mechanical peeling– grinding the magnesium oxide. Beautician polishing the skin, like a diamond jeweler. During peeling sputtered microscopic particles of magnesium oxide crystal which neatly cut the upper layer of dead cells. The degree of exposure to the skin can be controlled, and with a deep peeling evens out skin surface. After removing the surface layers of the epidermis is improved local circulation and nutrition of tissue, are included metabolic processes produced collagen. 

Paraffin – sauna hand. Under warm paraffin film (about 55 degrees) is created so-called sauna effect, healthy skin receives charge moisture hydrated and rejuvenated. By improving the microcirculation of the blood to heal the wounds and scars disappear. Beauticians recommend to pamper the skin of hands paraffin sauna 1 time per month.

It should be noted that great care for the skin of hands and phones D’Arsonval and laser therapy . 

In addition, to this end, various herbal medicines are also effective, such as Vitaderm and Time expert . They increase the skin’s ability to regenerate, protect against the harmful effects of the environment, nourish and moisturize the skin.