Breast cancer: what you need to know every woman

October – the month of fight against breast cancer worldwide. At this time the oncologists, mammologists, volunteers and community members to actively draw attention of women to this disease and factors of development of breast cancer. Tomorrow, October 20 in Ukraine, the medical community celebrates the Day of the fight against breast cancer. For ten years, breast cancer is a leading malignancy in women. The problem is that women ignore preventive examinations and symptoms and seek medical attention too late, when the disease started.

Why women have breast cancer more often than men

Breast cancer can occur under the influence of various factors. Modern medicine still with 100% certainty can not be called the true cause of breast cancer. However, a significant role in the development of the disease doctors prescribe female hormones estrogens and progesterone. Breast size has no impact on the development of breast cancer. Get cancer of the breast in women: in men, this pathology is 100 times lower than that of women.

Perhaps this is related to the fact that the cells of the female breast is more sensitive to hormonal changes. And these hormonal fluctuations in a woman, unlike men, are constantly experiencing: the onset of menstruation and its regular repetition, sexual arousal, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause. also factors of breast cancer can be:

  • endocrine disorders (diabetes, obesity, hypothyroidism)
  • heredity
  • chronic gynecological diseases
  • abortion
  • irregular sex life or lack thereof
  • chest trauma
  • Smoking.

How does breast cancer: symptoms

Women often have the disease of the breast that are not cancer in the breast may appear in seals, nodules, bumps, etc. If such education is painful, it is likely that the reason mastopathy, mastitis, fibroadenoma, etc. This does not mean that you can calm down and not to go to the doctor. Because not even cancer breast cancer can have serious complications in the future, in the absence of adequate treatment to go to cancer problem.

Breast cancer is dangerous because in the initial stages the woman is difficult to notice or to find education in the self-as can be microscopic tumor that does not bother the woman. If the following symptoms, it is necessary to consult a mammologist:

  • the appearance of chest seals
  • the Breasts become asymmetrical, deformed
  • nipples or areas of breast sucked
  • from the nipple appeared allocation, the nipple or areola is peeling, there were brown
  • Breasts swollen, the skin on her blushing
  • pains in the axilla.

Diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer

In the treatment of breast cancer is crucial for early detection of the disease. In the early stages of the disease successful prediction of therapy is nearly 100%.Therefore, the radiation oncologist-mammologists and gynecologists are constantly urging women to undergo regular preventive examination. Women up to 40 years recommended breast ultrasound after age 40 – mammography once a year.

This is very important because in Ukraine, according to medical statistics, breast cancer hurts every 8th woman. But with age, the risk increases even more. Also to reduce the likelihood of developing malignant tumors in the cells of the breast help a healthy lifestyle, quitting Smoking, timely treatment of gynecological diseases, weight control, regular intimate relationship.