Bronchial asthma: modern methods of treatment and diagnosis

From bronchial asthma, diseases of the immune-allergic origin, affects more than 300 million people in the world (according to WHO). In Ukraine, the problem is no less acute: statistics Association of allergologists of Ukraine says that over 3 million people in a country suffering from asthma: the annual incidence among children is growing at 2%. In order to successfully treat asthma, it is important to diagnose the disease and choose appropriate in each individual case therapy.

What is the danger of bronchial asthma

Often bronchial asthma is preceded by long-lasting allergic reaction, which people do not pay attention, underestimating the seriousness of the consequences. Often parents of allergic children do not pay attention and do not lead the child to the allergist, being sure that the “overgrow”. However, constant contact with allergens leads to chronic inflammatory processes in the respiratory tract, may then develop obstruction of the bronchi in which airflow is restricted and a person has a panic attack.

Bronchial asthma attacks occur at varying intervals, but even in remission, when a person is not worried about anything, the inflammatory process in the respiratory tract remains. Initially, the bronchial asthma causes General disorders in the human body. But if you do not take any measures, over time, there are problems – primarily respiratory and cardiovascular system, not to mention directly the danger of asthma attacks.

Diagnosis of bronchial asthma

Initially for diagnosis of bronchial asthma you can contact the pulmonologist in the future for the successful treatment of the disease to need the help of an allergist (immunologist), nutritionist. It is important to determine the severity of the disease, so conducting such studies as spirometry (to assess the degree of obstruction of the lungs), allergic tests, blood tests, sputum, study of the immune status. It is also possible the doctor will prescribe an ECG, bronchoscopy, or x-ray of lungs, etc. After the diagnosis and understanding of patient’s condition, the doctor will suggest appropriate therapy.

Modern treatment of bronchial asthma

In order to achieve successful results in the fight against asthma, if necessary medical treatment of the patient it is important to strive in the future to reduce the dose. Before the appearance in Ukraine of modern and alternative methods of disease management in the treatment of severe asthma used hormone therapy. Many patients, especially parents of patients with asthma kids, refuse treatment because they are afraid of hormonal preparations. But medicine does not stand still, and modern methods of treatment of bronchial asthma using an integrated approach impact on the patient, there was no alternative hormonal treatment for the disease.

It is first important to identify the allergen, to stop him, then it is important to clean and normalize the functions of excretory systems, blood, lymph vessels, etc. it is Also important to observe the tailored elimination diet that will help cleanse the body. Than previously diagnosed bronchial asthma, the less affected the body and more successful are the treatment results. It is important to choose a well proven clinic and to trust the professionals.