Bronchial asthma: modern methods of treatment

The incidence of bronchial asthma in Ukraine is growing every year, especially among children. Whence such data, if medical statistics are based on calls to medical facilities, says only that the disease affected only 3% of Ukrainians?

Whether we are facing is asthma?

The fact of the matter is that the real incidence of these data do not reflect: according to the Association of allergologists of Ukraine, the official data show only every 20th patient with allergic reactions, including asthma. That’s because even with pronounced symptoms of Allergy asthma – coughing, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, etc., people do not go to the doctors. Diagnosed with the disease in severe form, when a serious health problem.

Meanwhile, early diagnosis of allergic diseases, identification of allergens and a properly chosen therapy helps to not only get rid of Allergy symptoms that spoil our lives, but also to avoid the development of asthma. Because in most cases lead to asthma that is an allergic reaction that a person ignores. Especially sad facts of child morbidity: every year it becomes 2% more of babies that are diagnosed with this disease. And the mortality rate from asthma in Ukraine – one of the highest among European countries.

Why are people afraid of the diagnosis and treatment of asthma

Underestimating the seriousness of the allergies, we put at risk our health and the health of our children. It is a feature of our mentality – not prevention of diseases and their treatment, especially in advanced stage. That’s when there are difficulties, treatment becomes more costly. Also for the successful disposal for any disease, having an allergic nature, it is important to limit (and ideally eliminate) the contact with the allergen. Therefore, an important role in the successful fight against allergies and asthma plays a diagnosis and identifying precipitating factors, not just drug therapy.

The second point that makes people with already diagnosed asthma sufferers to refuse treatment – of-date methods of basic therapy. According to experts, until the last moment in Ukraine used hormonal medications (inhalers or tablets with corticosteroids): to control the disease, stop its progression and prevent the development of severe forms of bronchial asthma, it is important not to interrupt the basic therapy. But many patients or parents of young patients with asthma strongly against hormonal preparations, therefore, refuse treatment.

How to treat asthma today

Modern methods of treatment of bronchial asthma include basic therapy hormonal and not hormonal therapy, and alternative treatment technology. For the treatment of asthma use of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, which are developed individually for each patient and are based on the basis of diagnostic data and indicators of health.

With the help of individual programs for the treatment of asthma not only can you get rid of asthma attacks, difficult breathing, cough, etc., but also to normalize the excretory system, restore the function of the liver, intestines, lungs and other internal organs exposed to the adverse effects of allergens. If You are looking for professionals for the treatment of asthma and other allergic diseases, make the right choice will help the public register of medical institutions of Ukraine: if the self is to make choices difficult for You, then please contact us for free assistance to our consultants.