Child health: how to organize the right vacation for spring break?

Spring break for baby – a welcome respite before the final dash to the end of the school year. Each parent has a different view on how to spend vacation. Some moms and dads believe that you need to relax, others see it as an opportunity to develop the knowledge of students.

But there is a Golden mean, which recommends to comply with child psychologists. With the help of simple recommendations you will give the child a good rest, however, will pave the way for a successful start of the last quarter.

The mode of the day

The opportunity to sleep late is the biggest plus for almost all students. It would be ideal to observe the established mode of the day. If the child woke up to go to school at 7.00 a.m., and on holidays it is recommended to get the same. But not every parent has more will power to Wake the child earlier.

If Wake can little break, that time bedtime must be observed. Especially in the last days of vacation. The child will be able to keep a habitual rhythm of life, and the stress at the end of “vacation” will be significantly lower.

Active games in the fresh air

Universal problem of students of all ages – obsessed with computer video games and the Internet. So the gadgets you must rest. About the benefits of such a holiday to say no – parents understand that, comparing his childhood with modern realities.

An excellent way to combine enjoyable with useful – to go along with a child to nature. This will strengthen the relationship between you, will bring variety and give inspiration for new achievements.

Classes studying

The first one or two days of vacation allow the child to fully relax after school. If it lags a bit on the subjects, the training can be spread on all remaining days. Depending on the volume that you want to learn, every day learning, you can allocate 20 minutes.

If absolutely no desire to study, come up with a reward system. For younger students it can be sweets, for a more adults – a long-awaited purchase or spending.

Parental attention

To convey the importance of parental affection, psychologists say that if the child is not ironed on the head, he “dries up the brain.” This metaphorical statement reflects the psychology of the relationship between child and parent. Psychological studies have shown that children whose parents often Pat on the head or other ways to Express affection, more open-hearted, smart and optimistic.

As if you are tired at work or performing household chores, do not forget that the child needs to feel your love and support. If after the holidays no geenivaramutesse to school, spend your Sunday evening with your child.
Listed the advice of psychologists are simple, but they require time from parents. Highlight this time, and the child will thank you for it results in school and the General level of development.