Claustrophobia: Is it possible to overcome the disease?

Claustrophobia – a mental disorder, which is typical for fear of being in confined spaces, enclosed space or in areas with significant crowds. This is a fairly common phobia, which, however, undergoes successful treatment when seeking timely medical help.      

Causes and symptoms of claustrophobia

Typically, the innate claustrophobia is not. It usually develops as a result of trauma, transferred to a child, experienced a strong feeling of insecurity and danger, falling in the water with the inability to swim and similar stressful situations. Today there is a new kind of claustrophobic acquired – after an MRI procedure when the machine Closed broke, was not able to immediately pull it from the patient. In addition, claustrophobia may be a symptom of other psychological disorders, depression. It should be noted that today the consensus of scientists and physicians regarding the causes of claustrophobia there is only speculation. Sometimes this disorder is passed from parents to children, but not because of innate disease, but because children tend to copy the behavior of adults.

The patient claustrophobia anxiety manifested while in confined spaces, especially without windows. He does not like it when the door is closed, and it does not have direct access to the exit. Because the disorder a person begins to feel bad in the lift, planes, trains and all other places from which no way to get out of here now. Also suffering from claustrophobia tries to avoid crowded areas, sometimes cinemas, shops and more.

The attacks appear claustrophobic following symptoms:

  • rapid heartbeat;
  • a strong sense of anxiety, threat;
  • trembling;
  • giddiness;
  • headache;
  • tingle;
  • dyspnea;
  • sweating;
  • numbness and tingling of extremities;
  • dry mouth;
  • crushing sensation in the chest.

Condition person close to losing consciousness, she is afraid of losing control of the situation and even die. Severe bouts of fainting and is accompanied by a real panic attack.

There is a pattern: the older the person, the less likely it harassing attacks of claustrophobia.

Treatment claustrophobic

Claustrophobia can be cured if timely medical attention. Therapy and exercise psychologists, psychotherapists, it is complex, psychotherapy sessions and receive special drugs (neuroleptics), but only on prescription from strict compliance with the dosage and duration of the course. Sometimes quite effective hypnosis can be, but he has not in all patients. This is a rather unique method of treatment.

As claustrophobia often accompany panic attacks, the patient must learn and be able to timely apply effective self-hypnosis techniques. They can be effective.

With the comprehensive and systematic treatment of seizures gradually become less pronounced, and eventually disappear. Note, however, that the treatment of claustrophobia is long and requires patience and confidence in a positive outcome. We know that children defeat this disorder difficult than adults due to the immaturity of their psyche.

If claustrophobia is not treated, it transformed from acute chronic form, attacks are more frequent, the disorder is significantly interfere with the normal human life. So better to promptly seek qualified medical help.