Diet for cancer: how not to hurt yourself during the holidays

The period of new year and Christmas holidays is a tough test for our digestive system. Greasy, fried high-calorie food and alcohol is harmful, and for people with cancer such foods are generally contraindicated. In cancer, it is important to observe an individual diet and the principles of balanced nutrition, regardless of the stage of the disease. So try not to hurt yourself during the holidays, tempted to eat something bad for you.

Remember individual diet

When the cancer illness it is important to remember about the individuality of the diet and not to disturb her. Even if you feel well, difficult course of treatment behind, and you are struggling with the disease. In festive companies often can find “experts” who believe that “just this once” or “my aunt in such a situation it is eating,” etc. But those products that fit a person with one type of cancer may not work for another with a different type of disease. Because the amount of calories, nutrients may vary depending on the type and time of treatment.

With cancer food is a key factor for maintenance of energy and vitality, speedy recovery and a successful course of therapy. If your oncologist can’t help you troubleshoot the problem. Arise in the course of dieting and to monitor progress in combating the disease, it makes sense to seek the advice of a dietitian specializing in Oncology. But not to draw information from various online forums, based on someone else’s experience and advice.

How to make the diet more interesting, and the food is delicious

To make diet meals more “festive” taste will help permitted an oncologist spices or herbs. For example, protein dishes will add zest of lemon or Apple cider vinegar. Lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar you can also marinate allowed oncologist products. Green mustard, blue algae, pomegranate seeds, cumin seeds, almond oil, added to the usual food, will also help to improve appetite.

If you are undergoing or recently underwent radiation and chemotherapy, to avoid unpleasant taste sensations will help to replace metal knives, forks and spoons wooden or plastic. Chilled meals will also help to improve appetite and calm down the taste buds. Despite the fact that most people with cancer fresh tomatoes, citrus fruits, berries you can eat, it is better not abused. Especially if the mouth has ulcers: acidic foods will further irritate the mouth and cause dryness. Better to give preference to frozen, non-acidic fruits: bananas, grapes.

If you have a walk or visit

New year’s cocktails, you can turn fruit and vegetable smoothies: delicious and no harm to your health. For example, skim milk mix with sliced avocado, pineapple and banana and 4-5 ice cubes. This nutritious drink can be poured into a special mug or bottle and take with you if going on a Christmas walk or visit to visit.

In such cases “at hand” it’s good to have special nuts or protein bars because raging appetite should not tolerate hunger. The more – is bad for you meals. Remember that breaking a diet, you do not contribute to the recovery of healthy cells in your body. And the use of recommended products will help not only to better fight the disease, but will improve health, will keep body weight will help counter the inflammatory and infectious processes, support a normal level of metabolism and prevent exhaustion.