Healthy lifestyle

“Do not hope that you make the healthy doctor”: health as a lifestyle

Physical degradation of modern man acquires worldwide. This is due to the growth of psycho-emotional stress, new occupations that require prolonged stay in a sitting position, and increasing duration of waste working hours. Audit personal time? For the first time this term was used in 1817. Day is divided into three periods of 8 hours. 8:00 zation recommendation given for work 8 hours – at rest, and another 8 hours – sleep. Today this ratio is disturbed.

Health Industry – a new format quality of life 

Founder HealthPromo – Sergei Kucherenko proposed 118 life hacking care about the health of the meeting held in Kyiv near the Olympic Village. Call some of them:

  • fitness trainer and massage therapist’s office,
  • fitness breakfast, a day without lift, instead of fresh coffee,
  • subscription to the sports club, swimming pool,
  • polozhennyapid change the time on the computer, use fruit mixes during the day –

and this is an incomplete list. 

Among the invited guests were insurance companies, heads pryvatnyhmedychnyh facilities managers with personnel, tour operators, fitness instructors. Discusses the culture of health, the methods of optimization of time and space in terms of office. Schovhodyt understanding of culture in health? How to organize a Health Day for the community, develop active recreation and a healthy breakfast? One of the speakers was Gennady Apanasenko, MD., Professor of National Medical akademiyipislya graduate education, who spoke about the new format of the quality of life -industriyu health.

Responsibility for health vlane must bear the man? 

Human health depends on lifestyle, attitude and thoughts. The very model of thought – a product of spirituality. Modern man alone creates “samozberihayuchu” theory, which allows for preventive and maintain health. The individual must be responsible to independently learned health. Once confirmed Amosov words that the doctor likuyehvoroby and health need to get yourself. Gennady Apanasenko identified key strategy for managing human health:

  • 1. Analysis of information on the state of health (blood pressure at rest and exercise, heart rate, spirometric parameters, etc.).
  • 2. Formation of complex health programs.
  • 3. Implementation of health programs.
  • 4. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the program.

The aim of the strategy – to increase the potential for health

The aim of this strategy is aimed at preventing morbidity nation. Thus, the first step is to remove the causes of disease, mortality, increase the potential for health. Key recommendations:

  • 1. Do not overeat.
  • 2. Drink enough water.
  • 3. Maintain an active lifestyle.  

So, actually looks like a future if we do not pochnemozminyuvaty their views and habits. This list – many pathological conditions familiar to almost all diseases. Therefore, the main purpose of the meeting – to improve the quality of our lives.