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Do you eat breakfast? Tips dietitian about breakfast

In today’s pace of life requires a strong health and high performance. Being healthy has become fashionable! Means masinformatsiyi, glossy magazines and Internet naperebiy talk about new trends in improvement, new techniques, etc …. 21st century in the yard – a man has not changed! We potreby.Tak all the same, they are different, but there are basic: safety, food and procreation, and, rest, sleep, love, social realization and recognition – etc.

Food Ukrainian dish – what is it? 

Helen Miller, a physician-phytotherapeutist, irydodiahnost, nutritionist, founder and director of “Dr. Miller,” which was invited as a speaker Health Promo spoke about one of the most important meals – breakfast. 

The need for food is one of the principal. Therefore, a huge industry – food industry works to meet this need. It was recently approved and recommended as a guide to action of so-called “Ukrainian Food Plate”. It is there prescribed recommendations for the use of basic food groups: protein, fat and carbohydrates, water, vegetables, fruits.

Do you eat breakfast?

Many people do not eat breakfast for some reason (do not have time, do not want no appetite). But in the morning we make many decisions, think about future actions (how to get to call, write …). Immediately it comes to office workers. Their needs differ significantly from the needs of rural residents, which is, for example, in the garden outdoors vuholnyh personnel mines or other heavy physical labor, athletes, children or nursing mothers.
Office workers sit for hours working on the computer, constantly downloading brain, make important strategic decisions, not separating them from emotions to absorb amounts of information, not noticing eye strain. Has become a common problem typical office workers, loss of meaning in life, lack of exercise, chronic stress and fatigue, bowel disease, venous stasis in pelvis and overweight.

Formula healthy and wholesome breakfast

What should be considered when selecting products for breakfast, nutritious food, a small amount of saturation, ease of preparation, availability of products, seasonality and quality, appearance and price. Ideally, the number of calories consumed for breakfast is 40% of the daily ration and it is – about 500 calories. However, it is important not so much caloric as individual components required saturation.
What are the requirements for breakfast?
  • 1. To contain enough protein breakfast. For many years, we think take great breakfast eggs.
  • 2. good breakfast include bread or toast, cheese, butter, it would be as part of protein and vuhlevodnnevoyu.
  • 3. cereals. It can be whole grains – barley, yachneva, wheat, rice, millet, couscous, bulgur, movies and other cooked in water with butter.
  • 4. To take good breakfast black tea, coffee or cocoa full custard with cream and sugar, because the time necessary to maintain and feed primarily brain, which requires glucose and blood vessels, waiting protein and normalization tone.
What should not eat for breakfast?
  • 1. Milk porridge – adults, especially running.
  • 2. Oatmeal and granola, which used to roam in the intestine and give a false sense of satiety, which quickly disappears.
So vidnesitsya your breakfast with care and imagination. Remember – the right start to the day – a pledge of fruitful work for the day.Bless you!