Healthy lifestyle

Error when training: how to exercise correctly

Physical activity is mandatory for maintaining health, doctors say. For someone training in the gym or Jogging just a way to be in shape, and someone thus struggling with excess weight. Often the results of training do not lead to the desired, and the man turns for advice to friends who may be incompetent in this matter.

Besides the features of each person is different and what works in one case may not lead to an outcome in another.

Morning workouts are not for everyone

Quite often catches the eye of morning is a variety of activities: Jogging, yoga, nature, morning private session with a trainer at the gym, etc. But the idea that the morning activity is still the best in fact on anything not based. If you – “owl” and your schedule is built accordingly, attempts to become a “lark” and to train in the morning may result in even greater fatigue and reluctance to cause them to continue.

If you can easily get up early in the morning and after a workout, feel the charge of extra energy, not the desire to lie down and sleep, then a morning activity for you. If you feel that after work and change of environment can an hour and a half to devote to training, and it promotes an even better night’s rest, then you are right for evening activity. Some people after evening workouts are unable to sleep normally, in such cases it is better to try a morning workout or activity in the evening, but not late. Also a lot of work to adjust your life schedule for afternoon workouts: someone who visits the gym or yoga at lunchtime, etc.

Intense daily workout may harm

To be active daily, that is, to walk, to walk, to ride a bike etc. is good. But daily weight training can seriously hurt people, especially not physically prepared. Strength training are the muscle fibers destroying, and in order to recover, need to rest. Therefore, to maintain the body in shape and for weight loss, including should I exercise intermittently, but regularly (2-3 times a week). A daily overload will not only prevent you to achieve the desired result, but will lead to injury. For example, swelling of the hands or feet, then the training will have to be postponed.

The same applies to tips to train through the pain. Burning and tension in the muscles, delayed onset muscle soreness after performing a new exercise or prolonged lack of physical activity is normal. But if the exercise causes pain in the joint, muscle or cramps to stop, to understand what’s going on, otherwise you will get injured. Generally without physical training or lack of years of experience to train yourself, without an instructor it is dangerous. No videos on YouTube will not help you instead of teachers, korrektiruiuschego every position of the body when training, do it right twist and even to build body in the strap, if you have never done this under the guidance of a professional.

Some Jogging or “Kacha” not enough to lose weight

One fitness or Jogging in the fight against excess weight, especially in severe conditions, will not be enough. To achieve results, fix it and hold, it is also important to adjust the nutrition (not only remove harmful products, but also the frequency of eating, total calories, etc.), sleep and stress levels.

Frequent stressful situation and inadequate sleep can impact your hormonal balance. And, consequently, on the formation of the relationships between muscle mass and fat. For example, only one hard swing press with the existing “tummy” will not make your waist slim. On the other hand, changing diet and rest, do not have to sweat in the gym. There are many effective exercises for fat loss and improving muscle tone, which do not cause excessive sweating.