Facial massage is a healthy alternative to plastic surgery and “beauty shots”

A skilled therapist will be able to extend the youth and beauty of skin of any woman. Seeing in his face the next wrinkle, do not rush to make an appointment to see a plastic surgeon or a beautician. Regular facial massage will help to achieve the same effect as popular today “injections” of beauty.

Massage will smooth the skin and improve the complexion

Unfortunately, many more young women at the sight of wrinkles in a hurry to get rid of them using plastics or injection cosmetology. These procedures, of course, give a quick rejuvenating effect, simultaneously emptying wallets. In the pursuit of beauty and youth, people forget about this effective and less expensive way, like a facial massage. In vain, as the prevention of aging, correction of age changes of skin on the face, neck and décolleté massage – a very effective method.

After the hands of a good specialist your skin is visibly rejuvenated, becomes more supple and less tense. Changes are already noticeable after the first massage. Thanks to improved blood flow to skin and muscles of the face and neck, tissues become more elastic, muscle tone is enhanced, facial contours look more clear. Massage helps reduce swelling, improves the complexion and skin condition. A competent therapist will take into account peculiarities of your skin and pampering treatments so that you will not only get refreshed face and “pale” wrinkles. With the help of massage of the face and neck to achieve relaxation of the whole body and total relaxation of the patient.

What types of massage are

Depending on your skin condition, characteristics of the organism and needs, the specialist may recommend some form of massage. Today very popular among women enjoy Ayurvedic (based on the traditional system of Indian medicine) massage techniques.

– Ayurvedic massage – massage the neck, décolleté, head and use of various oils mostly used sesame oil. The procedure also include cleansing with ubtan (powder from various non-sensitizing herbs) and herbal nutrient mask.

– regenerating metabolic massage – massage zones and intermediate fabrics, which are not affected by the usual classical massage. This type of massage is struggling with disturbed metabolism at the cellular level.

lymphatic drainage massage is an integral part of a complex of treatments for the face, because it greatly enhances their effectiveness. Using a special rhythmic and light pressure, the therapist seeks to cleanse the subcutaneous tissues. In addition to lifting (lifting) and modeling effects, lymphatic drainage massage relaxes and “resets” the whole body, not just face.

– modeling massage – a method of manual stimulation, which aims at thorough and deep study of muscles. This type of massage contributes to the tension of the skin and strengthening its tissues.

Contraindications and number of massage sessions

Before starting the massage technician, make sure that you have no contraindications. Experts caution that it is impossible to carry out massage treatments in the presence of damage to the skin on the face, head or neck. It is impossible to do massage and in all acute infectious diseases, especially when skin has formed, boils, or herpes. Women are advised in General not to do any massage during the “critical days”.

For maximum effect, doctors recommend facial massage sessions. The duration of sessions and duration of each of them depends on the type of massage and patient characteristics. For example, lymphatic drainage massage combined with Ayurvedic methods, can last 40 minutes. Longer the manual action may cause swelling of the skin of the patient and the socalled “bags” under the eyes. On average greatly improve the condition of skin and overall health will help 5 daily massages. It is important then to regularly maintain the skin, as a one-time massage and comprehensive courses.