Features of baby skin care in winter

Baby skin is much thinner and softer than the skin of an adult. So in winter for baby skin requires more care. The effects of frost, cold and wind can lead to many health problems of the baby. What to do, not to give up on winter walks. Of course not: to actively spend time in winter on the street is important and necessary. You should only know that it is dangerous for children’s skin and how to care.

Than the cold is dangerous for baby’s skin

At low temperatures dramatically decreases the humidity. Dry air, frost, wind, dry skin on the face or hands if they are not protected, causing redness and peeling. As a result the skin dries up and ceases to perform its protective functions. In the winter the child can be supercooled, and the skin on exposed parts of the body bitten. It is therefore important to avoid such moments.

Cold Allergy though the phenomenon is not widespread but, by the way, is more common in children than in adults. If you are allergic to cold, the skin may blush, covered in a rash, swell and itch. In such cases, you need to show the child’s pediatrician or a dermatologist: you may need to take antihistamines.

Skin condition of the child: what to pay attention

On the skin of the baby there is a natural protective water-lipid film, which protects the structure of the skin from damage. But under the influence of cold, this film is destroyed. If the baby from the games and the cold air just flushed cheeks, is one thing. But if the skin began to peel, dry out, crack, then just smear it baby cream and keep the child in the frost is not enough. The damaged skin is easier to penetrate the germs that can trigger the development of skin diseases.

Can aggravate can use soap or shampoo, so wash and bathe the baby should be only with a special children’s funds, and not the same shampoo or shower gel that and. One of my problems with open skin areas may appear rash, redness, itching, etc. on the buttocks, inguinal folds, etc., when the child is too warmly dressed, overheating and sweating. If these symptoms have already appeared, it is necessary to show the child the doctor: the specialist will prescribe the drug for treatment problem and help you choose the cosmetics for children.

How to avoid problems with the baby’s skin in winter

Before you go out, the baby’s skin needs oil, protective baby cream. The cream should be applied 20-30 minutes before going to be absorbed and helped to form the protective film. At home the baby’s skin should be lubricated moisturizing baby cream, it will reduce the irritation from exposure to cold, and exposure to warm dry air in the room. Kids with dry skin is especially necessary for the restoration of water-lipid balance of the skin. Carefully select a hat, scarf and gloves, use a hood. But do not cover the baby’s mouth with a scarf, so he’s at risk more quickly than just walking in the cold.

Baby’s lips should be lubricated chapstick to avoid them chapping and peeling. It is important to dress the child if he will be dressed easily, maybe hypothermia and to frostbite. And if you bundled up – you’ll sweat while walking and “earn” the sweating sickness. Therefore in winter time the baby powder should always be at hand. To soothe baby’s skin and to relieve irritation, you can wipe your face and hands baby in a decoction of chamomile or calendula. And as prevention of skin diseases it is recommended once a week to bathe the child in a bath of a decoction of herbs – chamomile, calendula and succession.