Features of laser hair removal: expert opinion

In summer, many girls tend to obtain the perfect smoothness of the skin – it’s the best time for outdoor outfits and swimwear. To this end, many have resorted to the procedure of laser hair removal. However, there are a lot of nuances you should be aware, if you decide on this procedure.

Laser hair removal

The essence of laser hair removal is the destructive effect of laser light on hair follicles. It is a safe method of getting rid of unwanted hair for a long period of time.

Preparing for laser hair removal

2 weeks before the procedure should not take antibiotics, sunbathing and pulling the hair out of epidermalnogo of the site. 3 days prior to session, you cannot use alcohol-based tools in this area, and for 4-8 hours before the procedure it is necessary to shave the hair on the planned area for hair removal.

After the procedure

After a session of laser hair removal for 2 weeks is recommended not to tan and protect the skin from sun exposure using sunscreen. In addition, 3 days not to take a hot bath, visit bath, sauna or pool, and use of alcohol-containing cosmetics on epilinum area.

Ekaterina Maximova, cosmetologist beauty Studio “Wonderland” spoke about the peculiarities of the procedure of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal procedure should be carried out only with a special gel. In this case, the gel acts as a conductor of the laser beam directly into the dermis (deep skin) to the epidermis (outer skin layer) does not left any traces. Thus, the gel protects the skin from burns. It also performs the cooling function.

If the gel is not used, the patient, by burns, and quite serious – up to 2 degrees of severity. Burns appear as blisters, scarring after which long to pass – it will take about three months.

The procedure of laser hair removal there are contraindications:

– diabetes
– pregnancy and breast-feeding
– violation of the integrity of the skin
– allergic reactions.

It should be noted that the gel for laser and IPL (pulsed high-frequency radiation) treatments do not cause irritation on the skin of patients. In addition, they are hypoallergenic.