Features of skin care in the eye area: advice beauticians

The weather extremes, which often occur in late summer, have an effect on the skin. Particularly affects the skin around the eyes: yesterday she acted a bright sun, and today is rain and cold wind. The skin around the eyes is particularly delicate, so caring for it should be more careful.

What is the feature of the skin under and above eyes

On the face often are the negative factors of the environment, the emotion that we show, are often the provocateurs of wrinkles. The skin around the eyes is thinner than skin of the shoulders 10 times thinner than the rest of the skin on the face 3 times. It contains much less collagen, and subcutaneous fat so when there is insufficient moisture, it quickly stretched, sagging and wrinkled. Laughter or anger – any emotion is reflected on our face and most of the wrinkles first formed under the eyes.

  • To protect the skin around the eyes, it is not necessary to restrain their emotions, fearing the appearance of “crow’s feet”. To care for the skin around the eyes is easy, it is important to observe the basic rules:
  • hydration
  • food
  • periodic exercises
  • correct application of protective equipment for the skin and cosmetics
  • the correct make-up remover
  • avoidance (if possible) of the action of harmful factors.

Aggressive factors that affect the skin in the eye area

Worsen the condition the skin around the eyes can lack moisture and body fluids, disorders of blood circulation, lack of nutrients. However, excessive fluid intake or habit to apply more cream on the skin around the eyes can lead to clogging of pores and the appearance of “bags” under the eyes.

It is also important not only to wash off makeup at bedtime, but to do it right. Sharp, rough and skin stretching movement will help you to clean up the cosmetics, and add new wrinkles can. Throw in the aggressive exposure to ultraviolet rays and wind gusts, rain and get the full picture of negative factors affecting the condition of the skin around the eyes.

How to properly care for the skin around the eyes

So, the key to a good condition of the skin around the eyes, is proper hydration, nutrition, protection, cleansing, and facial gymnastics (massage):

  • moisturize the skin around the eye should not only with special tools. In cosmetics to care for the skin around the eyes, pay attention to the age category of use listed on moisturizers, etc., apply the moisturizer before applying daytime makeup. The product is applied along the line of the orbits (bones protruding) slightly light tapping movements
  • nourish the skin around the eyes should not only with creams, vitamins and minerals should be ingested with food, phytocomplexes, multivitamins. Therefore, the diet should be more fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli, citrus fruits. Especially useful for face skin orange fruits and vegetables containing vitamin A. Cosmetic skin nutrition – this is the mask around the eyes and nourishing creams, which are applied in the evening. However, to apply the cream and immediately go to sleep is to risk to wipe it on the pillow. It is important not to overdo it and not to athelete the skin, clogging its pores
  • clean the skin around the eye should not go to bed with makeup on! And, even if decorative kosmica not applied before bedtime skin on the face and around the eyes must be cleaned. Make the most delicate of tonics, spending from the nose to the forehead (upper eyelid) and from the temple to the nose (the lower eyelid). To remove ink Express-dampened tool make-up remover cotton pad for a few seconds on the lashes and gently remove mascara and shadow.
  • to protect the skin around the eyes should not only sunscreens, but also sunglasses
  • and finally, a facial massage or exercises: yoga for the face, Fes building, darsonvalization face, acupuncture will help to improve the condition of the skin on the face, including around the eyes.