Dietology and nutrition

Food combining diet: advantages and disadvantages

The foods we eat affect our weight, skin condition, the work of the organs of digestion. Even on mood and stress also affects our diet, as strange as it may sound. To improve the health and General wellbeing helps to separate food. This food is based on creating a diet in which foods of different chemical composition can not be combined. Why? Let’s face it.

The basic principles of food combining

The principle of separation of power was developed by nutritionists based on eating foods of different chemical composition. That is, the concept of “work products,” based on the mechanisms in the human body start the digestion of food. In the processes of digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the stomach environment. The principle of separation of power based on the combined use of the products during digestion which creates the optimal environment, a positive influence on the entire process of digestion and, as a result, human health.

For example, protein-rich foods for better digestion requires an acidic environment, and carbohydrate foods – alkaline environment. Therefore, the principle of separation of power (according to the nutritionist W. G. hay) is not recommended to combine simultaneous intake of meat, eggs, fish with potatoes, pasta or beans. Carbohydrate food not be combined with acidic fruits. Protein and fatty foods consumed in small quantities, and separately (for example, meat or fish without butter or sour cream) and the menu is based on fruits, vegetables and salads from them. Refined foods, canned goods, sausages, sugar, etc. should be consumed minimally or even excluded from the diet.

The pros and cons of separation of power

Sharing the products, you can reduce the load on the pancreas, to reduce and nullify the processes of food fermentation and putrefaction of undigested food in the intestine. And, as a result, reduction of intoxication, improvement of skin, hair, etc. Also food combining diet helps to improve health status in chronic problems with the digestive system, reduce weight, to diversify the diet.

To get used to this diet after the “traditional” meatballs with mashed potatoes or fish with sour cream sauce easy. When changing the usual diet may experience temporary difficulties with digestion and so to say side-effect – bloating or flatulence. Therefore, to develop a separate ration better with regard to their own health and under the guidance of a nutritionist.

Exemplary separate menus, and helpful tips

Keeping separate food, nutritionists advise to avoid snacking and sits at the table, feeling the hunger. Should not overeat, so as not to pererastayut stomach. If you eat foods containing protein, the next meal should be not less than 4 hours. Fruits should not be eaten immediately after the main meals, it is better to eat them in an hour and a half after or half an hour before the main meal. Hot food must not burn the lips and tongue, and cold – not to be icy.

For example, you can enjoy your Breakfast fruit salad with yogurt or make a sandwich with a slice of butter and cheese. For lunch it’s good to eat protein foods – meat or fish dish, but replacing potatoes or pasta vegetable stew or salad, and vegetable soup. And dinner is potato and carrot casserole or macaroni and cheese. After the break – eat fruit as a dessert.