Freckles: a disease or a highlight?

A small scattering of light brown spots on the face the body – familiar to most of us, freckles. Freckles are companions to people with fair or red hair, the brunettes and brunettes these pigmented spots are very rare. For some people freckles is special charm and zest, and others with horror, hiding from the sun, since the sun skin pigmentation is even stronger. Why are freckles and what can I do about them if you wish to get rid of?

Why do I get freckles and to what expert to address

Freckles are pigmented spots that can be inherited. In spring and summer freckles are particularly pronounced: the greatest intensity of color of these age spots is observed in 20-30 years. Freckles most often appear on areas of the face and body that are most exposed to the sun. The lighter skin and longer sun exposure, the more pronounced freckles.

The freckles, and other pigmentation issues of the skin, deals with estheticians and dermatologist. These professionals will give appropriate advice and will select an individual scheme for getting rid of freckles in each case. To reduce the manifestation of age spots, you should pay attention to the features of the skin, the amount of time spent in direct sunlight, care for the skin depending on its type etc.

Prevention of freckles: how to minimize the appearance of pigmentation

To avoid enhanced the appearance of freckles on the skin, dermatologists suggest applying to the skin a sunscreen. These products work for 3-4 hours, then the previous layer of the cream is removed (especially if the top was applied a special protects the skin from solar radiation powder) and applied a new coat. If the specialist has prescribed remedy to remove pigmentation and freckles that initially, as advised cosmetologists take care of the skin around the eyes and eyelids. Apply on the skin remedy for freckles is impossible, and before applying the cream from pigmentation on the face, the skin around the eyes is smeared with a nourishing cream.

Seasonal Facials women prone to age spots and freckles, should be carried out not later than March-April. To reduce the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, the dermatologist may prescribe a course of ascorbic and/or nicotinic acid. But it is not necessary to run to the pharmacy and to appoint such therapy: the dosage of vitamins and their intake depends on the individual “owner” of freckles.

How to care for skin with freckles and whiten the skin

The right choice to entrust your skin to a professional beautician. The specialist will select typical for your skin type cleaning method and recommend tools for daily skin care. In any case, you should be careful of direct sunlight, which in people with freckles and fair-skinned is a risk factor of burn injury of the skin and development of melanoma (skin cancer).
To reduce the appearance of pigmentation of the skin will help:

  • wash with sour milk or whey, this method of whitening is suitable for any skin type.
  • skin treatment with lemon juice before applying nourishing cream is ideal for normal to oily skin. If you have dry skin lemon juice is applied only on the area of pigmentation
  • before a long stay in the open air is not recommended to wash with water. The skin is better treated with serum, yogurt, cucumber juice or special products for pigmented skin.