From wrinkles and pimples will save… snail

skin inflammations. Japanese scientists in the fight against age-related changes decided on radical action: they suggested that the slime of snails in the highest concentration will be more effective than creams, and first used these lovely clams to restore the elasticity of the skin.

By the way, anti-aging properties of snail mucus can not be questioned. Because it contains collagen, glycolic and hyaluronic acid, proteins, antioxidants, necessary to restore the elasticity of the skin. And modern fashionistas revolutionary procedure rejuvenation – Celebrity Escargot Course (star oligotherapy or a massage with snails), can offer beauty clinics in Tokyo. Although now this Japanese massage technique began to offer domestic beauty.

A massage with snails: the method

The essence of this method is simple: the face must be cleaned of makeup and street dust, then it put five snails, which are fed only organic food. Specialist constantly monitors their movement, not to close to your mouth, eyes and nostrils.

Traveling the face of the client, snails gently massaged the skin with his movements, stimulating cell regeneration, and at the same time cover the skin with healing mucus that moisturizes it intensively. In an hour the master directly without the removal of mucus spends massage of the face, after it strikes the mask, and after it – a special cream with snail slime.

The benefits of oligotherapy

According to Yoko Minami, Director of the Tokyo beauty clinics Clinical Salon, the snail slime removes dead skin cells, accelerates the regeneration of the skin, stimulates the healing of damaged skin (after inflammations, pimples, etc.) and even eliminates the effects of sunburn!

Enough to make only 7-10 procedures, and the effect will be stunning! Although serious skin damage, such as scars, may need a few courses to skin damage became less noticeable.

The advantage of this rejuvenating in use of only natural ingredients, absolutely harmless to health.

It should be noted that perfectly care for the skin, the apparatus d’arsonval, and laser therapy.

In addition, this goal also effective different herbal remedies such as Vitaderm, Laura anti-aging cream for the face, Time the expert and others. They increase the ability of skin to regenerate, protects against the harmful effects of the environment, nourish and moisturize the skin.