Go on a journey? Check vaccinations!

Many people in our country wish to spend a magical new year’s holidays special. To the upcoming New year and Christmas were impressive and memorable, enough to change the situation: you can go to visit, but better – to go on a trip, and the whole family! Proponents of a healthy lifestyle, of course, prefer active rest in ski resorts. While fans of exotic will probably go to a hot country where you can not only relax body and soul, but… to get sick! The least protected our children!

This autumn, the world health organization confirmed 10 polio cases in Syria, mostly children under 2 years who were not vaccinated on time. Increased risk due to circulation of the virus in the air was identified in Kenya, Cameroon, Somalia, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Israel. In addition, given the rapid migration of the population, close tourism relations among the countries of the West and the East, awaiting the arrival of this deadly disease and European experts.

Recall that poliomyelitis is an acute infectious disease that irreversibly affects the gray matter of the spinal cord (and sometimes the Central nervous system, destroying monneyron) and leads to paralysis, disability, death. Since the causative agent of the disease belongs to the group of enteric viruses, the most simple way to enter the body with contaminated (dirty) food and water. The polio virus is very resistant to the external environment: in the water he lives to 100 days, and in faeces for up to 6 months. Very well tolerate freezing, digestive juices and antibiotics. Can be destroyed only by boiling, UV irradiation, drying.

Scientists emphasize that you can become infected not only through food and water, but also by airborne droplets from a patient, which may not even be aware of their disease. Because it is often the polio virus multiply in the lymphatic pharyngeal ring, lymph nodes, intestines, blood doesn’t bother person the first time: the incubation period ranges from 3 to 30 days. The first signs of diseases that do not manifest immediately after penetration of the virus may be such complaints: fever for 3 or more days, fever, headache, vomiting, difficulty swallowing, muscle pain in the neck and back. These symptoms resemble a number of ailments, including flu, cold. Therefore, accurate detection of the polio help of special tests.

The main risk group are children aged 6 months to 5 years who have not passed the appropriate vaccination. However, polio, which is either incapacitating or killing, strikes and unvaccinated adults who carry the disease even more difficult children. According to the calendar of vaccinations for children, held 3 of polio vaccination (3 months, 4.5 months, 6 months) and 3 revaccination against polio (18 months, 20 months and 14 years). If vaccination were delayed (for medical reasons) or not done (example: parents), the risk of infection increases.

In connection with the recent events in Asia and Africa are actively introduced additional measures of immunization, especially carefully checked the vaccination status of each child. To follow the example of their Eastern peers Ukrainians advises the head of UNICEF in Ukraine Yukie, mokwa, which has recently announced the official data. Was that today in Ukraine fully vaccinated against polio, only 50% of children, and in some regions less than 30%, whereas in Western European countries are protected from this deadly disease more than 90% of young patients.

It is especially important to check your vaccination status before travel abroad. Because vaccination remains the only effective method of prevention, but the cure for polio does not yet exist.