Health benefits of swimming for infants

The child first year of life – a fragile creature that needs constant care and protection. Naturally, her parents seek to enhance their health, enhance the protective properties of the body. This comes to the aid of navigation that pediatricians often recommend infant. Why is it useful for a small child to swim?

Why swimming good for babies?

Water – a natural environment for the child’s first year of life, because not so long ago she was in the womb, the amniotic fluid. Therefore, little children rarely afraid of water and feel special in a bath or pool properly. Doctors say that swimming helps newborns:

  • to form a correct posture of the child;
  • strengthen back muscles and abdomen;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • train the heart and lungs;
  • stimulate the overall development of the child;
  • promote sound sleep baby, both day and night.

Also found correlation between the level of hemoglobin in the blood and swimming, when bathing breathing becomes difficult, which triggers the release of additional portions of red blood cells. Because swimming is recommended for infants with low hemoglobin levels.

What should I know about swimming for infants

Attend a special pool for babies doctor can advise if the child high or low muscle tone, irritability, and to strengthen the immune system. Also swimming is often recommended prematurely born babies. 

Special pools for swimming with babies are in some clinics, and large swimming pool and modern sports clubs. Usually they are small and shallow. There are individual lessons (with an instructor) and the group – about 8 babies with their mothers or other adults caring child.

The most optimal time to start such classes in the pool – from the moment the umbilical wound healing before the age of 3 months. After 3 months, the child gradually fade swimming reflexes and teach her to swim and dive will be difficult. Swimming for babies based on their natural instincts. Baby born with ready swimming reflex that disappears if it is not secure. The baby is able to hold your breath when his nose and mouth are immersed in water, allowing you to teach him dive. If the child bent down, she immediately unbend them, allowing you to teach her to swim. 

It is useful not only to swim and dive, but simply in the water. It is necessary to consider aspects hardening, mechanical and physical impact of water on the child’s body.

What opponents argue swimming for babies?

Some say that swimming is not particularly useful for a small child because of the poor quality of water. After all, not adapted to the outside world the child’s body can touch it with a lot of bacteria. In addition, chlorinated water can also have a negative impact on the health of the child. 

Also, some doctors believe that such a young child should not be immersed in artificial stressful situation that may arise due to fear of the infant. 

So you swim with your baby or not – decide for yourself. If you follow the rules of safety and health standards, swimming is definitely beneficial to the child’s first year. However, the pool really should be chosen very carefully, paying attention to the quality of water in it.