Healthy hair in the sun – advice beauticians

Cosmetologists say that winter and summer – the two most stressful periods of our hair. And no wonder: if it suffers from a winter low temperatures, caps and dry air in the summer – from the active influence of the sun, from air conditioners seawater. Therefore, the hair looked healthy and well maintained in the warmer months, you should know how to look after him.

Why the sun is bad for hair?

Ultraviolet rays are very harmful for the hair they dehydrate it and gradually destroy both natural and artificial pigments. Result – Spit become dry, brittle, dull. 

Hair is 70% composed of keratin, based on – a protein built from 16 amino acids. This protein enriched in sulfur, iron, chromium, copper, zinc, manganese. In addition, in the hair include vitamins A, B, C, H, lipids, pigments, water. Direct sunlight drew their rich composition destroy firmness, elasticity and volume. 

Hair is harmful and sea water, which washes it with proteins. In addition, the salt that it contains, has the ability to deeply penetrate the hair and settle there, under the influence of solar salt dries and begins to destroy the hair shaft.

Means of hair care products in the warmer months

Under the influence of the sun and dry hair breaks, so the first tool in their care must be properly selected shampoo. It should be elements that support normal levels of moisture. Ideally, the shampoo will include the following components:

  • silk proteins;
  • poppy;
  • coconut oil;
  • Oil of cedar nuts;
  • aloe vera.

Also useful for hair care use different masks and air conditioners. Good effects have masks Recovery of vitamins B, C, E, of carotene, panthenol, wheat proteins and silk. So should carefully study the composition of cosmetic products before purchase, so it had the desired effect.

How to protect your hair from the sun?

To then long to treat damaged hair during rest should follow simple rules. This follows recommendations from cosmetologists:

  1. Do not dye your hair before you go to warm countries. We must take care of their color a little ahead of time, rather than immediately before the holiday. The reason is simple warning: any painting, even the most “gentle” means – is stressful for the hair, and with the sun will hit double.
  2. It should use the summer Shampoo with nutrients. They will bind moisture and prevent drying hair.
  3. If possible, it is necessary to abandon the dryer. Preferably, the hair is dried out alone, and so it lacks moisture, and here and dryer, which desiccate not only spit, but the scalp.
  4. Need to wash your hair immediately after contact with sea water, or salt settles on the head and will destroy the hair.
  5. To not siklosya hair should comb his comb with natural materials.
  6. We must use oliykamy and hair spray with a special UV protection.
  7. While the sun should cover the head hat, cap or Panama. It is also important sunstroke prevention.

Summer is soon, but for many the holiday season has begun. Sun, along with the joyful mood, is a danger to the hair. To hair is groomed and radiant, you need to follow some guidelines for hair care in the warmer months.