How to avoid food poisoning during the may holidays: preparing for the picnic

Coming may holidays, most of us are already looking forward to the picnic. However, it was during the holidays, as the workers in the ambulance, dramatically increasing the number of food poisoning and intestinal infections. Very often culprits in food poisoning becomes neprozharennoe meat. Therefore, it is important to care not only about clean hands and utensils, but also about the quality of the food for the picnic.

Fans of barbecue: what to pay attention

Choosing the meat for the barbecue, go with the proven sellers in the market or in the shop. Most people cook pork and chicken skewers: the meat should be pink and look attractive. Some in order to save time, buy already marinated meat. Often, however, for these blanks is used is not fresh meat. And with the help of excessive add pepper and onion unscrupulous sellers try to hide the unattractive color and the “scent”.

If you take meat in a vacuum pack, pay attention to the integrity of the packaging. Even the freshest meat that you personally pickled and kept in the refrigerator, in a warm time of year, can quickly deteriorate on the way to a picnic. Why not put the already marinated meat in a warm place like in the car, and directly in the nature, while you build a fire, prepare grill, etc.

From salads with mayonnaise should be abandoned

In nature it is not always possible to fulfill all storage requirements of the products. It is especially important to follow the temperature regime. Therefore, before you purchase products – learn what is written on the label. Check the manufacturing date and expiry date. To take on holiday with them have the amount of food that you just eat. If they need more – take care of the presence of some cool places to store them.

Experts strongly advise to prepare salads with mayonnaise, especially home to take them then nature. Their shelf life is only a few hours. These salads will deteriorate already on the way to a picnic. The use of such products can lead to poisoning, especially experts do not recommend to give salads with mayonnaise and exotic fruit for small children. At all children it is important to feed according to age: the barbecue – not the best food for a child, especially under 3 years. And if the meat is poorly cooked, the poisoning can not be avoided. Often parents want to pamper your child with an exotic fruit or something tasty and thus the outbreak of intestinal infection spreads to the whole family.

Have on hand a first aid kit in case of food poisoning

Carefully check the products, wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet, watch for your children – then your holiday will end well. But going on nature, especially if you go for a day or longer, take care of the first aid kit. It should be put in the first place antiseptic in case of wounds or cuts, burns funds and repellents (means insect repellent). You should also have the enzymatic means in case of overeating, adsorbents (activated carbon – but better something more modern), anesthetics, and antispasmodics.

Also take supplies of clean drinking water or mineral water if someone is poisoned, you will need to wash out the stomach and to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. If you have a stomach ache, diarrhea began, you should induce vomiting and then drink plenty of fluids to wash out the stomach. With repeated vomiting and diarrhea more than 10 times per day, you should call an ambulance or take poison in a health facility: it is not just the symptoms of food poisoning and serious intestinal infections that require diagnosis and appropriate treatment.