How to improve hair health in the early spring?

Spring is a wonderful time of the year that marks the awakening of nature, the beginning of something new, the sun. But, despite this, this time of year, especially its beginning, is a test for the body. Because the human immune system is weakened after the winter, to combat viruses and cold he spent virtually all of its resources. As a result, in March, many people begin to lose hair, their General condition is far from normal. Why is this happening and what to do about it?

Causes of hair loss

Seasonal hair loss during the spring period due to the following reasons:

  • An improper diet.
  • Hormonal disorders in the body.
  • Deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals in the body (e.g., iron).
  • Osteochondrosis (it violates the circulation, resulting in the scalp doesn’t receive sufficient nutrition, and hair fall out).
  • The intake of certain medications (diuretics, anti-bacterial).
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases (which are likely to occur in the spring).
  • Improper care of hair.

How to care for hair to keep them healthy?

March is a spring only on the calendar. Often this first month of spring the weather is very changeable, unpredictable, it is often quite cold. Therefore it is necessary to remember about the harmful effects on the hair cold wind, frost, rain, and protect them.

How to care for your hair in the offseason? Here are a few recommendations:

  • Should wear a cap until it was really warm. March 1 – that’s not a reason to remove his headdress in the closet. Protect hair with a hat or hats you need until the day when the temperature will have a steady “plus”. In the frosty air vessels of the scalp have a tendency to shrink hair follicles thus supercooled, the result is dry, brittle hair, prone to hair loss. The hair is not electrified, you should use hats made of natural materials.
  • You need to choose the right brush. Metal and plastic combs often lead to hair staticky. Therefore it is better to opt for wooden combs or brushes with natural bristles (e.g., bristles of a wild boar).
  • It is necessary to use nourishing oils for hair. In the spring in areas usually quite dry air, which directly affects hair. The air can be moistened with the help of special appliances, or to use a nourishing oil that protects the hair from external influences that envelop them. Apply oil only on the ends and immediately after shampooing.
  • You should choose the right shampoo. In winter and spring, many suffer from dandruff, but few understand that it is due to dry scalp. To combat dandruff and bad hair, you need to find nourishing, moisturizing shampoo. When shampooing, you need to remember about the temperature of the water: it should be warm not hot or cold.
  • We must not forget about proper nutrition. After the winter the body is lacking vitamins and minerals that need to be filled with power. Should eat vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, legumes, use cereals, dairy products. A balanced diet is the Foundation of health not only hair, but of the whole human body in General.

Hair care in the offseason involves attention to protect them from environmental factors, nutrition and hydration. If everything is done correctly, the hair will be healthy and beautiful.