How to keep hair from falling out in winter: tips dermatologists

Winter is a difficult time for the human body, which is exposed to low air temperature. Hair is no exception, because the hair follicles enough just five minutes to freeze even at a temperature of about 0°C. So in the winter hair handle stress: it can fade, split, but the biggest problem is hair loss. It is on the cold season most people have a peak of hair loss. This can be combated, it is important to know how.

The norms of hair loss according to dermatologists

Dermatologists say: if a person per day in the winter, losing about 150 hairs, that is the norm. To worry in these figures is not necessary – as soon as will become warmer, hair will fall out less. Sound the alarm is worth it if the day is lost more hair, and it will be quite noticeable: it will remain on the comb, hairs will be on the floor, on carpets, in the bathroom, on the towels. If loss reaches such dangerous volumes, it is necessary to draw to the problem attention to take action.

How to prevent hair fall in winter: practical tips

  • You need to keep proper temperature regime during shampooing. In winter it is better to reduce the temperature of hot water while washing the hair. This will protect the roots from excessive greasiness, as the hair ends would not split. Of course, we are not talking about very cold water – it should be room temperature, not hot.
  • Hat winter needs. Wear a hat in winter, especially during frost clearly necessary. It protects the hair from harmful effects of cold air. However, it is necessary to wear proper headgear. The fact that synthetic hat can only harm the hair from her electrified, she is not protecting him from the cold. The best option is a hat with silk lining, which will give hair a natural Shine live. Headgear must cover their hair if it is long, it is better to hide it under clothing. The hair also can not tolerate the cold, so to put the hair on display is not: you can boast of them in the room.
  • You need to pay attention to the bedding. On the pillow where sleeps the man, depends on the condition of her hair in the winter. By analogy with the cap, preference should be given to natural fabrics, and the best – silk. About synthetics is better to forget.
  • We must abandon the metal combs and hairpins. It is better to replace them with silicone, plastic or wooden.
  • The Hairdryer should be used only when necessary. At least once a week should refuse drying with a hair dryer and faux pilings. Let hair dry in natural conditions, on their own, thus it will rest. If you have the opportunity to wash my hair in the evening and not dry it with hair dryer, in winter it is necessary to do so. Then the hair will fall a lot less.
  • Do not be redundant special moisturizing and firming masks, serums and other means. They help the hair to combat the influence of cold air, make it more durable, prevents intense hair loss. However, the need to carefully select these tools to suit the hair type. Better before purchasing, consult with your dermatologist.

Winter is the period when the human body fights a cold, learning to adapt to it. Hair, if not help him and take care of it, it becomes very vulnerable in the winter, which leads to intense hair loss. To avoid such unpleasant processes should adhere to simple tips and then the hair is beautiful and thick as in cold and warm season. If you have any questions, you can ask them to our expert.