How to look younger without surgery: expert advice

Every woman wants to look young and beautiful. To do this, women tend to go on almost any sacrifice. Is it possible to stay young without surgery? And how to achieve this?

This was told by a plastic surgeon specialized clinic “Good forecast” Sergei Kilo.

In the US, the professionalism of the plastic surgeon not measured by how much he has conducted successful operations, and how many patients he refused. Because of modern cosmetology, there are many treatments that help to get rid of wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin, and thereby to delay the operation.

Every year it is possible to achieve that in such bulk operations as facelift age category is increasing. Now the first facelift do not 40-45 years, as it was in the 90-ies, starting from the age of 50.

How to achieve skin rejuvenation?

For a person to properly care for. There are various age categories-under 20, 20 to 30 years, 30-40 years, 40-50 years and over 50. And in every age it is necessary to perform certain complex facial treatment that will help as long as possible to preserve youthfulness.

These include:

– proper care of the face
– proper use of decorative and medical cosmetics
– special medical procedures.

With regard to medical procedures, then, for example, after 30 years you can already do mesotherapy (when administered drugs that stimulate the skin), PRP therapy, or PRP, (when the patient is taken blood from which a special way to prepare the plasma and then injected into the skin). These techniques stimulate and tighten the skin. Later, these procedures can add complexes of amino acids.

If a woman over 40, then all the above procedures add biorevitalization, hardware cosmetology (radio wave lifting, ULTRASONIC lifting, anti-aging laser resurfacing), which allows to stimulate the skin and a little longer to keep her youth. Also many women shown injections of Botox in the corners of the eyes or in other places where wrinkles appear.

In General, if you want women to look beautiful and stay young for a long time without any operations. The important thing is to find a good specialist that will not be immediately persuaded to go under the knife, but rather will tell you how to do without surgery.

It is worth noting that anti-aging effect also have various herbal remedies, made from natural components: “Malavit cream gel”, “Laura anti-aging cream for face”, “Shilajit Shilajit drugs cream” and others. These means excellent care for problem skin, stimulates regenerative processes, provide whitening effect, but also prevent premature fading and aging of the skin.