How to protect skin from harmful sun rays: tips dermatologists

The present sun can be quite affectionate and can lead to burns, dry skin, early wrinkles, and even skin cancer. Ahead – the whole summer and take care of the face, body and hair should not only going to the beach. Even in the city or in cloudy weather on the beach can be burnt. It is also important to know what factors can exacerbate the effects of UV rays.

What is the danger of ultraviolet radiation

Redness of the skin and sunburn is a first response protective reaction to sunlight. From long exposure to the sun special skin cells begin to produce the pigment melanin that protects our skin from radiation. When an excess of ultraviolet rays, which are particularly dangerous in the period from 10-00 to 15-00, begin to break down collagen fibers. The first results are dryness, wrinkles and early aging of the skin.

Also sunbathers in the afternoon or those who spends a lot of time on the street and neglect protective creams themselves contribute to weakening your immune system. In the end, reduced the immune system less able to resist infectious diseases. Besides, physicians have long established a link between prolonged exposure to the skin and development of melanoma – skin cancer. Not to mention the appearance of pigmentation.

How to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun

In the summer you need a reliable and safe protection from UV rays. Therefore sunscreen, sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, long and spacious sundresses and other lightweight clothing made of natural fabrics should be in the Arsenal of each of us this summer. Don’t forget to apply to protect the skin not only before going to the beach: “burn out” literally in a few minutes, once on the street at noon.

Even on cloudy days the sun can play havoc. So if you have to be on the street in the period from 10-00 to 15-00, be sure to apply daily sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Factor). This abbreviation indicates the degree of protection sunscreen: from the lowest SPF (5-10) until the maximum (SPF60-100). Choosing a sun cream or spray, stop the choice on creditagricole-spectrum (UVB and UVA rays). Infrared the inscription on the packaging indicates that the product includes ingredients that protect from thermal infrared radiation.

Especially carefully protect your skin if you are taking medicines for lowering blood pressure, hormonal contraceptives and antibiotics. These medications make the skin more sensitive to sunlight. Thermal water is your helper # 1 in the hot weather. Orosite her to not only face but also body hair. The thermal water is rapidly absorbed and cools the skin, helping to avoid thermal shock and burn.

Hair also need protection from the sun’s rays

Burning sun, sea water or chlorinated water of swimming pools and water parks e only spoil the skin but also the hair. If you go to the beach or into town in the midst of the heat, don’t forget to spray hair spray with UV filters. This will help the hair to absorb water from pool, sea or pond and less exposed to the sun. If you were on the beach or in the pool, the hair should always be washed upon return and apply special cosmetic oil.

Very quickly fade and become dry your hair and bangs. So in the summer you can lay on a special tool with a waxy texture. Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hair coconut oil: it not only protects from the sun’s rays , but also helps the tan to become smooth and beautiful. Apply it on the skin from the top sunscreens.