How to protect yourself from cancer: prevention of cancer

Today, February 4 – world day of fight against cancer. On this day, the doctors, volunteers and social activists are trying to draw people’s attention to the problems of cancer. For the development of cancer diseases is influenced by many factors, knowing that you can try to protect yourself from cancer.

Cancer: why is cancer so common

Cancer cells can be detected in any organ or tissue of the human body. A characteristic feature of this disease is quickly formed of abnormal cells which grow beyond the normal boundaries. Medical statistics disappointing: mortality from oncological diseases is increasing every year. Doctors still have not figured out 100% cause of cancer, but noted a number of factors influencing violations of the structures and functions of cells. So, to provoke the development of cancer (cancer) may:

  • Radiation – UV and ionizing
  • The effects of the various chemicals
  • Hormonal disruptions
  • Infectious diseases (particularly viral)
  • Heredity
  • A stressful situation in combination with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Most deaths occur from cancer of the breast, colon, liver, lung and stomach. According to the world organization health (WHO), more than 30% of cases of cancer diseases associated with 5 factors:

  • Obesity and high body mass index
  • Insufficient intake of fruit and vegetables
  • Low physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle
  • Smoking – this factor is one of the leading causes of cancer. Up to 40% of cases of cancer can be prevented if you avoid contact with tobacco smoke and other carcinogens.
  • Frequent alcohol consumption.

Signs of cancer: what to look for

Cancer symptoms depend on the location of education, the rate of growth of the tumor, stage of disease, metastasis (or lack of). Common symptoms of cancer is sudden weight loss, weakness, long-term holding for no apparent reason, the temperature (37,2-37, 5 degrees), loss of appetite. A specific symptom of cancer depend on what organ or system developed a disease. For example, in breast cancer there is discharge from the nipples, seals, discoloration of the skin. For lung cancer appears long not passable cough, sore throat, change of voice timbre.

However, the initial stage of cancer practically does not occur. It is therefore important to monitor indicators of health: an annual preventive examinations by a gynecologist, mammologist, other “narrow” specialists, to do x-rays of lungs, blood test. Because the initial stages of cancer are treatable and have a successful prediction.

Cancer prevention: how to reduce the risk of developing cancer

Cancer prevention is to minimize all factors contributing to the development of oncological diseases. It is important to minimize the contact with carcinogens, maintain a healthy lifestyle, manage stress, monitor the nutrition and weight, etc. it is Also important to detect cancer at an early stage: it is particularly important not to neglect regular health examinations to those most at risk for cancer (it’s in my genes, work in hazardous industries, non-Smoking, etc.).

Everyone is his own Manager of his health. That is, a person has a choice to smoke or to quit, to get involved in the sunbed and excessive sunbathing or not to, to be screened regularly to identify any possible diseases, not just cancer at an early stage – or not to do it. Human health largely depends on him – his self-responsibility and discipline.