How to refresh the skin before the New year: homemade recipes

New year’s vanity, many of us added a couple of wrinkles or circles under the eyes from fatigue. You can endlessly blame themselves that why, they say, was so uphevals or on the contrary – to convince that everything is OK and appearance is not important, inner beauty is more important. But, like it or not, most women want a night to have a fresh look, not a puffy face and dull skin. If time and money on a cosmetologist not, refresh the skin and lift your mood will help some simple and effective tips from beauticians.

A pledge for the future, and extra cleansing of the body
Beauty and skin health are directly linked to our diet and internal organs. Of course, rational and good food are needed all year, not the day before the holiday. Take it into service: frequent swelling, constipation, or conversely diarrhea, skin rash can be caused by the intake of fatty, fried, salty food. Exacerbate the condition before the festival even more, if you naprobovatsya different ingredients to dishes or relax and has already started to ease up on the mayonnaise, ketchup and fried meat. Nutritionists advised to unload the body: because we have a week at least feasts and overeating.

Therefore, in anticipation of the holiday to provoke swelling of the face, skin redness or allergic skin rashes may exactly food. If you feel heaviness in the stomach, intestines “scored”, etc., try easy today there are foods rich in fiber. To improve bowel activity will help the infusion of flax seed: a teaspoon of seeds pour boiling water (200ml) and brew for 15 minutes, stirring frequently. Should take on an empty stomach. Make sure the first aid kit was adsorbents – activated carbon. It will help not only to cope with intoxication from alcohol. One tablet of charcoal per 1 kg of body weight will help flush the body of toxins and also toxins in food poisoning.

How to clear skin: a steam bath and scrub

To refreshing mask for the face had an effect, it should be applied on cleansed face. To improve blood circulation, more deeply clean the pores, activate the glands and help the nutrients to better penetrate the skin will help a steam bath. If you have dry and sensitive skin can make a decoction or infusion of chamomile, and oily – of marigold. Do not lean too low on capacity, so as not to burn.

After 15 minutes of a bath dry the face with a napkin or clean towel, let it cool for 5 minutes and apply the scrub. It can make itself of coffee: about 1 teaspoon of ground coffee 1 tablespoon of yogurt or kefir (low-fat sour cream). Apply to skin, massage and rinse with warm water. You can also make a scrub of oatmeal by the same principle: only instead of coffee crushed cereal. And instead of sour cream – olive oil or coconut oil.

Facials, relaxation and tea bags
If your home Arsenal is cosmetic clay, at least once a year, you can buy it at the pharmacy or store. Clay is sold in ready to use form, we need only to carefully read the user manual and is probably the most budget option. But no less effective. A clay mask will help tighten the skin and make it more fresh and elastic. After all procedures apply your nourishing cream with light massage, then massage the scalp.

Best from the “bags” under the eyes will help to get proper rest and sleep. But if time is not, then the proverbial teabags applied to the eyes (only cold) do a little to help relieve swelling and prepagos. If you have problem skin, acne, or rash, the cleansing treatments can further aggravate the situation and spoil the festive mood. Therefore, in such cases, trust your face should only be trusted to expert.


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