Healthy lifestyle

How to stay healthy in a bad environment

More and more people in the world pay attention to the environment and its relationship with health. The state of nature surrounding us, the air, foods we eat, etc. are directly related to occurring in the human body processes. So today, when on the third Saturday of April, when Ukraine celebrates the environment Day, it’s time to think about how people affect nature, and nature is on his health.

The influence of the environment on human health

The better the environmental situation – the stronger the physical health of the person.Also being in nature improves psycho-emotional state, improves your mood and reduces the appearance of chronic diseases. The most influenced by natural factors children: unfavorable environmental conditions makes them more susceptible to environmental diseases than adults. Every day we inhale a lot of airborne harmful substances, harmful compounds get into our body through skin contact.

Bad environment causes diseases of organs of vision, toxic substances accumulate in the tissues, bone tissue, lymph nodes, can cause spasms in the vocal cords etc. the increased incidence of asthma, bronchitis and allergies also associated with environmental degradation. Also a bad environment leads to diseases of internal organs, lowers the body’s defenses, can cause infertility, genetic changes. The unfavorable ecological situation itself exacerbates the negative impact of the environment on the health of their addictions. Smoking, alcohol, unhealthy food, constantly stay in environmentally contaminated areas, stress – all these factors lead to more health problems.

The main enemy of the health of urban residents – the car?

Despite the fact that industrial facilities are mainly located outside the city limits, the air in cities, especially large ones, does not become clearer. The main air pollutant in cities is cars, the number of which increases with each passing day. Enormous harm is applied not only exhaust fumes but also tiny particles of dust that are formed during friction of tires on the asphalt. Such dust not only irritates the human respiratory tract, entering the body by inhalation of air, but is carcinogenic (cause cancer factor).

Therefore, people who practice Jogging on the streets with automobile traffic does not improve their health, and Vice versa – breathe in harmful substances.
To reduce the level of airborne concentrations of harmful components help trees, shrubs and other plants. The best to choose a house near parks, gardens or wooded area. In such green areas should arrange Jogging, walking or sports.

How to reduce the influence of bad environment on the human body

Not everyone has the ability and desire to move to environmentally friendly areas to live. And not everyone can afford to constantly travel to the sea, mountains, etc. So try to spend more time in clean areas of your city to leave the city, spend time in parks, squares, walk in the woods. Start your own “forest” at home or at work: beneficial indoor plants include the palm, dracaena, Chlorophytum, ivy English.

Different air cleaners and humidifiers will help to make a cleaner indoor air: also don’t forget to ventilate the apartment or house at night, not in the middle of the day, especially if near a highway. Say “no” to Smoking and harmful products. In the diet should prevail right foods and drinks: green tea, broth hips, fruit (apricots, citrus, currants, grapes), vegetables (eggplant, broccoli, zucchini, greens) and not fatty, fried foods and a variety of ketchups, sausage and other foods containing carcinogens.mandatory