How to strengthen the immune system and why do we have immunity

March 1 – not only the beginning of spring, but also the world day of immunity. The day selected world community is not accidental: it is precisely with the onset of spring function weakened immune system do not operate at full capacity. Understanding what the immune system how it works, why it is a person, we will be more motivated to strengthen the immune system.

How does the human immune system

The immune system consists of several human organs, tissues and cells, the mutual operation which protects the body from various infections (viruses, bacteria, fungi) and other foreign substances. When immunity weakens, the likelihood of getting sick increases. The person becomes more vulnerable for the bacteria that we “cling” in the external environment and their own. After all, inside our organism is also pathogenic microflora. The failure of the immune system may lead to the development of autoimmune diseases: when the body does not recognize its own healthy cells and starts to destroy them.

Immune system by methods of operation similar to the nervous system: it also directed to the Central and peripheral organs. Organs and tissues react to different signals of the body, endowed with many receptors and specific memory. To the organs of the immune system include:

  • Central organs: red bone marrow
  • peripheral: lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, thymus, Appendix

A key position in the immune system is the leukocytes – white blood cells. They are in contact with foreign bodies trapped in the body, and are involved in the formation of antibodies to combat infection.

Signs of a weakened immune system

If you are overwhelmed by frequent colds, feels constant fatigue, aching muscles and joints, disturbed sleep, get headaches and allergic skin rashes, so the immune system will signal about problems. The long-term pass colds already a consequence of the fact that the immune system can’t fight trapped in the body of the virus etc Lack of immunity led used to the fact that the human body every “ordinary” infection would be perceived as a completely new disease, gradually losing defenses to fight the disease. What actually happens in patients with AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome): the organism ceases to resist the disease, and from them people die. The immune system remembers any contact with the virus, bacteria or allergen and develops them protective antibodies. The immunity that a person has acquired over a lifetime, as they borne the disease or by vaccination, is called acquired. More rare types of immunity – innate, in which a person inherits a genetic immunity to some diseases.

What are the factors that weaken the immune system

Often we do harm to his immune system and undermines the body’s defenses. So, weaken the immune system can the following factors:

  • long-term stress, depression
  • dieting, fasting, junk food
  • deficiency in vitamins and minerals
  • strong physical exertion
  • trauma or surgical interventions
  • poor environmental conditions
  • bad habits: Smoking, alcohol, low physical activity
  • uncontrolled passion medicine
  • untreated chronic diseases
  • chronic sleep deprivation

How to strengthen the immune system

“Magic pill” for the development of strong immunity did not exist: certainly, vitamin complexes is important and necessary to take. But first, on the recommendation of a doctor, and secondly, among the vitamins necessary. Positively affect the body’s defenses any factors associated with a healthy lifestyle. Relaxation, sports, balanced nutrition is the key to a strong immune system.

Don’t forget to take care of as his psyche and the psyche of people around you. And, as banal as it may sound – observe personal hygiene and keep clean your home. Often the infection enters the body through the skin with unwashed or poorly heat-treated food or dirty hands.