Hypertension and a festive meal: who?

Unfortunately, people with hypertension during the holidays often end up in a hospital bed. And the reason – failure to comply with physician orders and refusal to diet. Of course, it is hard to refuse from delicious grilled meat, pickles, smoked meat and other dishes that are harmful to people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels. But the festive meals for people with high blood pressure can also be very varied, delicious and healthy!

Feast and good health: basic recommendations

Correction of diet and eating basic things for hypertensive patients, regardless of which treatment is chosen by you and your doctor. Do not forget not only to take prescribed medications and monitor blood pressure levels, but also to keep track of which products and in what quantity you eat. Holidays-holidays, but try to minimize the use of sugar and salt. After all, the holidays around eating more sweets, candies, pickles, marinades, etc. that are harmful for hypertensive patients. Remember that salt contributes to fluid retention in the body and if you can’t resist salty pickles, do not salt your food additionally.

Also, try to minimize dishes animal fats: a fatty meat, egg yolks, butter. Cakes, fried chicken, salad with mayonnaise, etc. – is clearly not for you. Chicken, veal or Turkey can be baked in the oven without mayonnaise and salads should be preferred fresh vegetables based on the vegetable oil. Eat food in small portions and chew well. And as the drinks best suited of green tea: it will help to improve the elasticity of blood vessels and regulate blood pressure. Alcohol high blood pressure contraindicated.

Hot meals and snacks for hypertension

What are the hot meals are suitable for people with high and high blood pressure (BP)? This can be a lean meat dish, but it’s important not to fry, bake or steam. Instead of salt you can use lemon juice. Perfect meat dishes for hypertensive patients is chicken, veal, lean fish. To make the dish a variety will help garnish: chicken breast, you can stuff the apples and cheese, fish casserole to make with potatoes and vegetables, veal with cauliflower.

For appetizers fit salads, beets, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, to which you can add the same Turkey breast. A great hearty appetizer will be a seafood salad with tomatoes, for example. More budget option – a salad of carrots, radish, greens, seasoned with sesame seeds and Apple cider vinegar or lettuce with chicken with garlic sauce. Delicious and healthy dish – the beet salad with walnuts and garlic. For dessert, instead of cakes or sweets can be baked in the oven fruit, make cheese-sour cream with dried fruits, nuts, etc.

Memo for hypertensive patients and their relatives

If your family or among the guests who either suffers from hypertension and complained about the AD or just have older people who have problems with heart and vessels occur more often, remember some simple rules:

  • Always keep at hand medicines prescribed by your doctor. If you are going to visit, then check for the presence of drugs. Also don’t forget the blood pressure monitor: keep track of the level of AD, because the emotional excitement of communicating with friends and relatives and overeating even food can provoke a hypertensive crisis
  • If you feel unwell, shortness of breath, – tell me about this family and stop to celebrate. You need to go to bed – better than a semi-sitting position, relax, breathe calmly and deeply breathe
  • If HELL rose and did not fall even after taking special drugs and a pain behind the breastbone – then immediately call an ambulance.