If a sore throat: how to heal, not to hurt

The desire to remove hats and to dress in spring for some turned into a sore throat. Feeling sore and discomfort in the throat, we are not in a hurry to go to the doctor, and begin to be treated yourself. But a sore throat can be a symptom of a number of diseases, so it is important to understand the cause of ailments and do not hurt self-treatment their health.

What diseases cause pain in the throat

Sore throat may be a symptom not only of “banal” cold and flu, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, tonsillitis (acute tonsillitis), or exacerbation of chronic inflammatory process in the tonsils. The pain appears in response to the inflammatory process in the larynx, the trachea, the mucosa of the pharynx or in the tonsils.

Cause unpleasant painful sensations in the throat can mucus drains from the sinuses into the throat with rhinitis (runny nose), sinusitis or other sinusitis. Excessive dryness in the nasal passages with the full nasal congestion often causes pain and mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. And dryness in the throat and pain may lead to prolonged use of drugs, Smoking, bad environment or work in hazardous industries, diseases of the digestive system, etc.

How to soothe a sore throat

If your condition is not severe (no temperature above 38 degrees, sore throat moderate and allows you to take food, etc.), it is possible to alleviate the condition of a homemade ways. But doctors warn that even with “light” colds it is better to consult a doctor. Tonsillitis is not always accompanied by very severe pain and high fever, and some “herbs” can we fix it. And if the soreness in the throat is long and caused by irritation of the nasopharynx in case of sinusitis, the otolaryngologist (Laura) is to exclude or confirm sinusitis sinusitis, etc., and prescribe the correct treatment.

If along with a sore throat concerned about the cold, it is important before going to bed to clear nasal passages. It helps to clear nasal congestion and reduce painful sensations in the nasopharynx. But remember that nasal sprays and vasoconstrictor nose drops do not use more than a week. Gargle better antiseptic solution or decoction of herbs – chamomile, calendula, sage, eucalyptus. Also effective for sore throat propolis alcohol tincture you can buy at the pharmacy, only you should not make the solution too concentrated. Enough 5-7 drops to a glass of warm (200ml) of water. Don’t forget about the abundant warm drink: tea, juice, milk, honey, fruit drinks, etc. will help to soften dry sore throat and to flush toxins from the body.

What not to do for sore throat

Increase the pain in razrezhennoi goal can concentrated mouthwash, so doctors recommend to gargle with salt, iodine, vinegar, lemon juice, etc. Also should not be during illness to consume acidic drinks, and meals, spicy and salty foods. Food should be neither hot nor cold, but warm, soft, so as not to injure irritated mucous membranes even more.Fans of warming compresses, remember that if the temperature is above 37.5 degrees to put the packs is impossible.

Also in some forms of sore throat compress can be contraindicated: in this case, you should coordinate this treatment with your doctor. On the upper part of the neck compresses do not overlap: the area of “thyroid” around the jaw and lymph nodes warm up impossible. Otolaryngologists say that with caution you should use different candies for sore throat, especially if you treat the child. Carefully study the composition of these medicines and follow the dosage, because these candies is not a candy and the active substances contained in them, in case of overdose can cause harm.

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