Into school without stress or how to get into a rhythm after the holidays

Week 1 September, knowledge Day and not cool – stress for children and parents. Stress for kids going for the first time in school experiences for older students, and students in most cases are not really psychologically ready to begin training. So children and parents still have a week to prepare for the upcoming studies and return to the previous mode.

It is easier to recover the day after a vacation

Early lifting will stress to the body, especially children. The rise time depends on the time of bedtime: during the summer, many children used to “hang” for up to 24 hours and more nights and then sleep until 10-11 am. Of course, if you continue in the same spirit, to Wake up to school is a real pain. Therefore psychologists advise to start to move time to go to bed every day for 15-20 minutes before. So gradually your child will return to sleep in 21-22 hours.

It is not necessary to fall asleep to the TV, watching videos on a laptop or with a smartphone in hand. Physicians have repeatedly confirmed that the use of gadgets before bedtime overloads the brain and prevent sleep. A warm bath or shower will help you relax to switch attention.
All the important things – the collection of portfolio, thinking through the wardrobe it is better to do in the evening to the morning not to spend their valuable time. You can write on a piece of paper a morning routine and stick to it. Younger students will help parents. And senior pupils and students can handle themselves. For example: ascend -7-00, bathroom – 7-10, Breakfast 7-20, dressing – 7-35 and so on.

We are reminded of the responsibility and not afraid to grow up

For children of primary school age in the first days after the holidays, teachers often complain about the bad behavior and the failure of their school duties. The child should be gently reminded that he forgot to do something and not rush to do it for him. Psychologists suggest even future first-graders to instruct all possible homework: to water the flowers, feed the fish, dust, etc. if you have not yet begun to teach a child to help in household chores, the sun have got a whole week to school. The child will get used to the fact that he has his responsibilities at home and more easy to perceive the demands of the teachers.

Psychologists advise to praise your child not for the process itself, and the result is, not assessing the child, and the act. For example, “look how clean now in the room as you tried”, etc. and not just “wiped the dust – well done.” To develop independence in a child will help, and demonstrating credibility. its significance in part of preparation for school. Psychologists advise to choose school supplies with your child instead of buying everything for him. So you give the kid to feel independent, to understand that preparing for school can be enjoyable and interesting.

How to better remember the material covered and to enable the brain

Remember the first parent meeting in the new academic year: unfortunately, it often begins with complaints from teachers “all the children forgot over the summer”. In the end, the parents come home and try to, if not in one night, over the weekend to refresh the memory of a child, driving him and myself more stress. Of course, it would be ideally during the summer to read the given literature, to repeat the rules and to solve problems. But you still have a week to:

  • to repeat the basic rules in math and English language – they forget over the summer the fastest
  • instead of a tedious dictations Ukrainian with the aim to remember how to hold a pen and put a comma, write letters to grandparents, friends, relatives. You can also print a few photos from summer vacation and attach to emails.
  • do not force your child to repeat the passed material strictly according to the textbooks. Watch cartoons in English with subtitles, play math puzzle or game for development of logic, etc.