Love tan – hide chest: tips oncologists

The long-awaited sun and hot weather “spur” hundreds of thousands of people bask on the beaches. Someone is already packing his bags in anticipation of the holiday, but the rest try to use your free time to get a Golden tan. That the sun is detrimental to skin, today, even a schoolboy knows. However, solar radiation can cause not only skin cancer, but also the development of neoplastic processes in the breast. Therefore, women are especially important to know several points.

Tan and breast cancer: what’s the connection?

Every woman at least once at the gyno heard from expert recommendations to protect the breast, carry out self-examination to identify entities and protect your Breasts while sunbathing. Heard but listened to? Solar radiation acts on tissue of the female breast razrushaya, causing hormonal imbalance. In the end, prolonged sunbathing and exposure to the sun on the breast the balance of hormones progesterone and estrogen is disturbed, that entails a change in the structure of breast tissue. The result is the formation of malignant and benign tumors in the breast. Just think: in Europe every year recorded more than 180 cases of breast cancer in women.

In Ukraine the situation is no better: more than 16 thousand new cases of breast cancer are registered annually among Ukrainians. Half the women save fails and the reason is that they later seek medical help. Therefore, doctors insist on the importance of annual preventive examination by a gynaecologist-mammologist, passing breast ultrasound and mammography in women after 40 years and risk of breast cancer. Find chest seal, do not delay with the visit to the doctor – in addition to Oncology, there are many not malignant tumors in the breast that are successfully treated without surgery. A cancerous tumors discovered in the early stages, the more successfully treatable. The more that modern Oncology provides more services to patients, from the organization of the therapy to transportation home after surgery.

What you should do in summer, every woman, without delay

To go to the Turkish beaches, the Spanish coast or the South of Ukraine with peace of mind, be sure to visit breast physician to avoid problems with the Breasts. Even in benign formations in Breasts tanning is risky!If breast ultrasound or mammography will detect cysts, fibrous areas, mastopathy, fibroadenoma of breast, etc., then you need to immediately get therapy. This is important and will help to stop the growth of formations in tissues and also to prevent the development of breast cancer. In these cases, from sunbathing to be abandoned.

Many women start to complain about recent chest pain and seals after a visit to the Solarium. In these cases it is necessary to abandon the artificial tanning and see your doctor. Solarium exposes women’s Breasts to shock doses of UV radiation, therefore, cysts or tumors in the breast may appear in those who like tanning fairly quickly. Sunny hours-long baths are slower and the process of education in his chest seals longer.

When you can and cannot sunbathe

Contraindications to tanning and Solarium are cystic breast, pain in the mammary glands, seals, nipple discharge, tumor. If the physician found no pathology or found insignificant and was allowed to tan, it is important:

  • close the Breasts with a bra (no sunbathing Topless or with pebbles on the nipple)
  • the sun is not more than half an hour with a break for bathing or sponging with water to 12-00 days and after 16: 00
  • in the period from 12-00 to 16-00 to be on the beach is not recommended to hide in the shade under a canopy, indoors and drinking more fluids.