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Mayonnaise and festive meal, be aware not to harm health?

Festive table – a variety of different dishes, including a tight place went salads, mayonnaise. And if you can use this product as it can be harmful to health? Can you organize a holiday without the usual “mayonnaise” Salad?

What should I know about mayonnaise?

The composition includes egg yolk mayonnaise, mustard, vegetable oil and citric acid or vinegar. However, the industrial mayonnaise add many more excipients that allow long to store it. Therefore, this product is considered harmful. 

Thus, industrial mayonnaise is harmful because it comprises the following ingredients:

  1. Trans fats. In many modern types of mayonnaise added modified vegetable oils, known as trans fats. Enzymes produced by the human body, unable to break down the molecules of trans fat, and they accumulate in the liver, the pancreas, the vessel walls and ultimately at the waist. Because of the abuse of mayonnaise containing trans fats, a person develops atherosclerosis, obesity, coronary heart disease, disturbed metabolism.
  2. Emulsifiers. They are added to the mayonnaise kept smooth. As used emulsifier soya lecithin, its health effects can be negative.
  3. Amplifiers of taste. They allow mayonnaise have a distinct taste, but usually have artificial origin. Such substances adversely affecting the stomach, digestive system, besides causing addiction to the product.
  4. Preservatives. These additives prolong the shelf life of mayonnaise, but penetrate cells and adversely affect its performance.

In addition, the composition of mayonnaise industrial production often include gelatin, starch, pectin, affecting its quality and taste.

Needless to completely abandon the mayonnaise?

Completely abandon the mayonnaise is not necessary, but it should take in limited and carefully choose the product in the store. Before buying read carefully the composition of the product, pay special attention to the presence of a trans fat. Also remember that quality mayonnaise will have a very limited shelf life.

Another option – to prepare mayonnaise at home. This should take 4 egg yolks, 2 teaspoons salt, 2 teaspoons mustard, half a liter of olive oil, black pepper, 2 tablespoons wine vinegar 3%. First you have to shoot down the yolks with mustard, then add salt and pepper, mix well. Then slowly to the mixture of olive oil should be added, without ceasing to mix everything. The main thing in this case did not hurry up and mix well until smooth, which is behind the walls of the cookware. Then there add wine vinegar and mix again. The resulting mayonnaise can be stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator, but no more than 3 days in a row.

If possible, it is better still to fill salads no mayonnaise, and vegetable oils. Is useful olive, pumpkin, flax, corn or sunflower normal. But if the desire to eat mayonnaise is irresistible, you should carefully choose the product or prepare it yourself. And remember that the abuse of mayonnaise accurately detrimental effect on your figure and possibly also on health.