Measles: symptoms and prevention

Now in Ukraine there is an outbreak of infectious disease – measles. Especially the difficult situation in Odessa, where the disease has already 5 people died, 3 of whom were children. What is measles what are the symptoms and causes of this disease, how can you protect yourself from infection?

What is measles what are the symptoms of the disease?

Measles is an infectious disease that causes the ingested RNA virus of the genus morbillivirus. It is characterized by severe intoxication, fever, a specific rash.

Measles is transmitted by airborne droplets from an infected person to a healthy, people are very susceptible.
Measles is manifested in different ways depending on the period of development of the disease. During the incubation period, which can last from 2 to 4 weeks, no special symptoms. Next comes the catarrhal period. It is characterized by:

  • General weakness, malaise;
  • headache;
  • problems with sleep and appetite;
  • the increase in body temperature to 39-40°C;
  • runny nose with purulent secretions;
  • dry cough;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • photophobia.

Catarrhal period lasts 3-5 days, followed by a period of rashes. When measles the rash is called maculopapular rash, she often blends into large spots. First a rash appears on the head area of the hair and behind the ears, then face, neck, top of chest. On the second day after the appearance of the first rash she’s covering for the hands from the top and the torso. On the third day the rash covered already all arms and legs and on the face they fade. This period is characterized by such symptoms:

  • rash;
  • bad cold, cough;
  • watery eyes;
  • increased photophobia;
  • fever.

The last stage is a period of pigmentation, when the patient gets better. The temperature drops, the rash fades and turns into light brown spots. Pigmentation disappears after 5-7 days, after which the skin on her peels. You can talk about the beginning of recovery, but keep in mind that after measles the body for a very long time recovering. It weakened a few months, this period often is sick with infectious diseases.

Complications following measles

Because measles is caused by a virus, treatment of disease is purely symptomatic. Patient recommended bed rest, drinking plenty of fluids, drugs to reduce body temperature, to eliminate itching. If measles has led to bacterial complications, then the doctor prescribes antibiotics. It is very important to limit the contact of the patient with others because measles is extremely contagious.

Measles is not an ordinary viral infection, it is dangerous for its severe complications. This is not only a laryngitis, an otitis, a bronchitis, but also pneumonia, hepatitis, measles encephalitis and other disorders of the respiratory and Central nervous system. These complications may die, why measles is so dangerous.

How to protect yourself against measles?

The best way to prevent measles, timely vaccination. It is performed twice: 1 year and 6 years. Another way to protect yourself from measles yet, so do not risk your health and the health of their children.

This year Ukraine has seen the largest measles outbreak in years. This is not surprising, given the critically low level of vaccination against all diseases, not just measles in our country. While this situation does not change, all we can do is wait for new outbreaks of new diseases. Be reasonable, you can instill in themselves and their children.


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