Menu for the heart: the power of prevention of cardiovascular diseases

“We are what we eat” – said at the time, the father of medicine Hippocrates. This legendary ancient Greek healer believed that human disease is the result of habits, the nature of life and poor eating habits. One of the main health problems of mankind are diseases of the heart and blood vessels. And often, problems in the cardiovascular system arise because of malnutrition.

Cholesterol, fats and heart: what’s the connection?

Fatty and fried food, which is the basis of the diet of many people, adversely affects the elasticity of blood vessels. And about the dangers of cholesterol already knows almost every student. However, cholesterol itself is an important building block for our body. But too high cholesterol is already a problem for vessels and the threat of atherosclerosis, because this element accumulates and settles on the walls of blood vessels, leading to narrowing of their gaps.

Why do cardiologists say about the dangers of fatty foods, especially saturated fat? Because saturated fats can raise bad cholesterol in the blood. Saturated fats and cholesterol contained in animal products: butter, cheese, meat, milk, cheese. The most rich in saturated fats and cholesterol butter, beef, pork, lamb, dark poultry meat.

Particularly desirable in the prevention of heart disease and blood vessels, and existing problems to lean on the various sausages, smoked meats, and pastries. Meat and animal products is a great source of protein, without which normal functioning of the body is also impossible. Therefore, it is important to properly prepare and consume these foods: baked or boiled, remove fat, skin, dairy products, choose low fat.

Complex carbohydrates and fiber: say Yes to vegetables, fruits and cereals

How to go from bad carbohydrates that contribute to the accumulation of excess weight, and heart disease, useful? Love pastry – try to switch from white flour to flour. Also rich in fiber cereals, especially whole grain and unprocessed. The best fruits for your heart nutritionists have recognized pears, apples and melon (fruit with white flesh). Tomatoes, spinach, garlic and pumpkins as the best friends of the heart and blood vessels.

Prevention of hypertension, heart attack, stroke: the importance of omega-3 fatty acids

Good for the heart and blood vessels are polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids: a lot of them in flax seeds and Flaxseed oil, and fish of the salmon family. Also rich in omega-3 sardines, tuna and herring. Alternative data products may be fish oil: ready purified fish oil from harmful substances such as dioxins, etc. a day is enough to consume 3-4 grams of fish oil.

In order to prevent cardiovascular diseases and obesity should be restricted to minimize sodium intake and fructose. So, threat for heart salt, complex seasonings, dry soups, cubes for the broth, etc., soy sauce, a variety of snacks – chips, etc., fast food. Sweets – especially candy with different colors and fillings, carbonated beverages.