Mold on foods can cause or accelerate cancer development

Moldy foods contain a carcinogenic mycotoxin. If about cancer almost everyone knows, the term is familiar to all. A word formed from the Latin “cancer”, which translates as cancer.

Carcinogens are physical factors, chemicals, or viruses that may accelerate the growth and development of cancer, or can cause its formation.

Carcinogens in daily life

People tend to think that in everyday life such substances or physical factors do not occur. The widespread belief that they are exposed to workers in hazardous occupations or people who live near these businesses. But research and statistical data suggest that it is an illusion.

In today’s world harmful substances are present in many spheres of life. In particular, a lot of them in food products. This is confirmed by many scientific studies. The results of these studies are striking – power in the development of malignant tumors ranked first among all factors. Its share – 35% of all cancer cases.

The most dangerous carcinogen:

  • smoked products of plant and animal origin – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons;
  • roasted, canned, pickled foods stored at room temperature, nitroso connection;
  • meats when consumed on a daily basis – sodium nitrite;
  • moldy food – mycotoxin;
  • products that are contaminated with heavy metals.

In second place is Smoking, its share is 30%. Other causes are genetic predisposition, the level of environmental pollution, UV rays, ionizing radiation, alcohol, etc.

Carcinogenic mycotoxins

Carcinogenic mycotoxins are the products that stand out in the process of life moulds. Their contact products due to parasitism. Fungi feed on nuts, grains and legumes.
They are extremely resistant to heat and cooking. Even very small doses of mycotoxins are able to contribute to the development of cancer of the kidneys, liver and colon.

For these reasons should immediately throw away any food which has become mouldy. Scraps of bread, cheese, or other products will not help to avoid the action of the carcinogen. He is able to deeply penetrate the products. Whatever the desire to cut cheese, fruit, vegetable or other product and eat the remaining piece, no need to do that. Animals also suffer from exposure to carcinogens, and therefore mouldy foods they should not be given in any case.

Be careful when buying nuts, peanuts, or coffee beans. Most often they are transported from South-East Asia. The area is known for soils that are contaminated with molds. Therefore, there is a great risk that the nuts or coffee beans contaminated with carcinogenic mycotoxins. Therefore, such purchase is necessary to make quickly to use the products. No need to stock up on them for a long time.

These and other carcinogens just increase the likelihood of developing cancer. Diseases a particular person is accidental phenomenon. Modern medicine still has no clear knowledge who would be able to help prevent cancer. But if everyone has knowledge about carcinogens and their impact, we must do everything so that the disease would not touch her.