New technologies of rejuvenation

Each woman wants to look beautiful and young, especially in spring. What are the opportunities of modern cosmetology that will help you to look younger and more attractive?

3D mesothreads

This is the newest technology of rejuvenation and three-dimensional modeling of facial contours and contours of the body. This procedure in just one session allows us to achieve results comparable to plastic surgery.

Like many modern cosmetic methods, masonite was invented in Korea. 3D mesothreads is an injectable method of tightening. Most often this method is used for correction of age changes of the face and neck. Often, however, using masonite restore skin’s elasticity of hands and inner thighs.

What is masonite?

Thread created based on polydioxanone – absorbable suture material used in surgery and cardiology for over 30 years. Masonite entered on a particular technology and fully absorbed by tissues. Because over time the thread breaks down into safe substances for the body – carbon dioxide and water.

The effect of thread lifting

Method braces using a 3D meso-threads allows you to simulate cloth on any part of the body and face, even in the most remote. With the introduction of masonite form a soft frame and provide a tightening effect. Thread lifting is not just tightens the skin tissue, but also promotes the production of collagen, which gives a long, and most importantly – a stable rejuvenating effect.

This technique effectively restores facial contours, improves skin tone, visibly improves firmness and elasticity. Lifting with meso-threads stimulates skin microcirculation, reduces effect of “orange peel” skin, while providing intense lipolysis decrease in treated plots. In addition, with the introduction of masonite skin becomes fresh and hydrated. This guarantees a long lasting tightening effect, which persists up to 2 years.


– maloinvazivnogo procedures
no side effects
– does not require a rehabilitation period
– only needed ordinary application anesthesia
– visible result.

It should be noted that perfectly care for the skin, the apparatus d’arsonval, and laser therapy.

In addition, this goal also effective different herbal remedies such as Vitaderm, Laura anti-aging cream for the face, Time the expert and others. They increase the ability of skin to regenerate, protects against the harmful effects of the environment, nourish and moisturize the skin.