Poisoning food or alcohol on vacation: what to do?

Began the season of picnics and holidays, and with it the increased risk of food poisoning. In the heat the food spoils a lot faster, and if in addition you do not fry the meat for the barbecue or poorly washed vegetables, that long-awaited camping may end with vomiting, diarrhea (diarrhea), etc.

What to do in case of poisoning food

If after eating there was pain in the abdomen nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, an urgent need to provide medical assistance. Especially if in addition to these symptoms, raised body temperature above 38 degrees, and fever these signs indicate a serious intestinal infection. But if you are away from medical facilities, you will have to operate independently until an ambulance comes or you can contact the experts.
If there is no vomiting, you can cause so you can prevent the absorption of dangerous food. If one vomits, he should be allowed to drink clean water, to wash out the stomach.

Going on nature, bring a first aid kit with adsorbents – activated carbon, etc., mineral water (better without gas), to poisoned a lot of drinking and avoid dehydration, rehydration products – powders, which are diluted with water and applied to restore water-electrolyte balance when vomiting and diarrhea. Also have on hand the antispasmodic and analgesic, antipyretic drugs and enzymes to improve digestion, if someone will overeat, and will feel heaviness in the stomach.

How to remove alcohol intoxication

Often resting in nature, people get not only food but also alcohol poisoning. Consistent with alcohol poisoning we must act as well as in food: induce vomiting if it is not well to wash out the stomach of the victim, if vomiting has already started. In cases of poisoning by alcohol should also drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration and more toxins from the body, make the adsorbents. When vomiting has stopped, you can drink strong black tea.

If you have already returned home, the man has become better, recuperate will help a decoction of rose hips, orange juice, which will fill the shortage of vitamin C, collapsing under the influence of alcohol. A person intoxicated with alcohol in the fresh air, will help to saturate the oxygen to the brain and improve the condition.

Observe moderation in food and alcohol, going on a picnic

If you returned after the stay, and the condition has improved, then you should not back the next day to make fried, fatty, heavy foods, and especially alcohol. The body needs rest, diet easy boiled or steamed food, low-fat chicken broth. Raw vegetables, fatty dairy products can increase the pain in inflamed stomach and intestine, and again lead to diarrhea. If after poisoning by food or alcohol is observed diarrhea more than 10 times, the call for medical assistance cannot be postponed.

Try to be moderate in eating, and acceptance of alcohol, do not try to eat weight skewers – you have all summer to re camping and picnics. Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables well cook the meat, take on a picnic soap and water to wash hands and remember to wash the hands of children. Hide already cooked food in the shade, cover with towels if there is a cooler bag, be sure to use it outdoors. Avoid salads with mayonnaise, they deteriorate quickly. When alcohol use moderation, it is better not to use strong drinks – especially in the heat and in the sun. Don’t forget to drink more fluids, the better the glass of water after serving alcohol, it will help you less “head”.