Prepared to withstand seasonal depression or how to “make” her fall

Today only the first day of autumn, and you already feel drowsiness and minor mood? Yes the summer is over, but there is still a lot of warm days, which we can use with advantage for health. Man, like any living creature, influenced by seasonal biorhythms. So instead of having to wait for cloudy days and an even greater depression, psychologists advise to meet the fall fully armed and good mood!

It’s a vitamin deficiency or seasonal biorhythms?

You can often hear that drowsiness, sadness and bad mood in autumn caused by a deficiency of vitamins. However, if you are fully fed all summer, using the whole “palette” of fruit, vegetables, berries and greens, to talk about the deficiencies early. The case may not be in the diet, and to reduce the production of the hormone melanin, and Vice versa – the increase of melatonin: these changes occur due to the reduction of duration of light day. Melanin not only plays the role of pigment, it protects us from ultraviolet radiation, supports visual acuity and hearing, the body’s defenses.

Melatonin regulating the amount of melanin is the so-called natural sleeping pills (a neurotransmitter): it produces the brain during sleep at night. The level of melatonin in the blood begins to rise with the arrival of autumn, when the sunlight becomes less and it is less intense. Melatonin influences seasonal biorhythms, blood pressure, immunity, slows down aging. Therefore, physicians have noted the importance of a full night’s sleep for all who want to look young and live longer.

Why the fall want to be sad and cry

With the first cold and the weather change, some get the impulse to feel sad and even cry. Women often react to the change of seasons is more sensitive, so it is especially important to replenish serotonin – the hormone of joy, as well as tryptophan, which is serotonin synthesis. To replenish tryptophan, doctors recommend to consume more cheeses, nuts, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, dried fruit, beans, grains.

Autumn is a difficult period because there is a long work and school year, many projects and plans. Therefore, the change of biorhythms and lots of experience connected with working and domestic moments are superimposed on each other. But if you want to lead your autumn mood, and it is not you, it is necessary to take itself in hands and to listen x the advice of psychologists.

How to avoid autumn depression and melancholy

To enjoy the autumn day and not to be sad will not only sport, vitamins, a favorite hobby, but simple habits that psychologists suggest to take a rule. Enjoy the moment of every Sunny day and open the window, go out on the balcony, drink your morning tea or coffee. So you can get positive energy, soak up the sun and get some vitamin D to make an easy morning exercises.

Try to spend more time outdoors: if possible, get out of town, into the woods, to the pond. This will not only strengthen the body’s defenses and improve mood, but also will help to adjust your internal biorhythm. Also don’t forget about the mode of rest and sleep.