Products with lifting effect

There are several foods that must be present in the diet of those who do not want to age as long as possible. With this view made by the famous American plastic surgeon Anthony youn.

As a real star in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. young gave an interview to the New York Post. Specialist gave to understand that proper nutrition has on the appearance of the same effect as anti-aging creams and even anti-aging cosmetic injections.

“The food you eat can influence the appearance of wrinkles, the degree of elasticity of the skin, and even her tendency to tan. The change in diet will help to remove years from your face” — quoted by the New York Post reputable specialist.

What products is advises to use a plastic surgeon for youthful appearance?

First of all, Anthony young was advised to regularly eat eggs – they make skin healthy and elastic.

“Eggs contain a substance that promotes the production of collagen, the protein connective tissue that provides its strength and elasticity. In addition, the eggs vitamin A,” said the doctor.

Another “product of youth” is tomato paste. The plastic surgeon explained that it contained a component lycopene has potent anti-inflammatory properties.

“That inflammation accelerates skin aging. In addition, lycopene protects the skin from sunburn,” said young.

The expert also recommended to include in your diet dark chocolatecontaining at least 70% cocoa. “Its flavonoids protect the skin from the sun and increase blood circulation, making plays on the cheeks a healthy glow,” – said the plastic surgeon.

A very important expert called green tea is the source of the greatest amount of good for your skin antioxidants and shrimp, which are rich in vitamin E, which accelerates the process of skin regeneration upon injury.

Note that other experts advise to include in your diet beef, chicken, fish and lots of vegetables and berries in order to look younger, according to the Healthy-info with a link to Magicforum.

It should be noted that perfectly care for the skin, the apparatus d’arsonval, and laser therapy.

In addition, this goal also effective different herbal remedies such as Vitaderm, Laura anti-aging cream for the face, Time the expert and others. They increase the ability of skin to regenerate, protects against the harmful effects of the environment, nourish and moisturize the skin.